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Reported accident (vehicle in house/entrapment) on South Main Street in Brookville. Time 7:52 PM.  St.2 and ambulance to respond. Use caution in the area. If able to fly STAT to hospital.     ---- UPDATE --- STAT unable to fly do to weather.

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5 minutes ago, Bon said:

Easy solution to that…..quit buying/renting houses near the road!! 😉 

Yeah, I fully plan on doing that.   First house was given to me by my parents after I had "rented to own" from them.  ...just up an gave it to me.  Live their for awhile until the Fireman's Club wanted to buy half the property to make more parking - so I sold it lock stock and barrel.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anything else on the market in my price range right after selling.   ...so I ended up on the same street. lol

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Vehicle crashes into South Main Street home


BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Volunteer Fire Company and Brookville Borough Police responded to a call on August 31 for a vehicle into a structure.

Emergency officials were called out just before 8 p.m. last Tuesday for a vehicle into a home at 37 South Main Street. Brookville Fire Company Chief Chris Henry was the first to arrive on scene.

“Upon my arrival, I saw one vehicle on top of the car,” Henry said. “It went through the house and ended up on the car over there.”

He quickly discovered there was still someone in the vehicle, who had to be extricated from it. A helicopter was later requested to the hospital for the patient.

Henry said he wasn’t sure which direction the driver was traveling, but thought they were going up the hill.

The damage caused was enough to make the house unstable and the three occupants were unable to remain inside. The Red Cross was contacted to help them find a hotel to stay in for the time being. All the utilities were shut off as well.

A personal friend came to help close up the house and make it stable enough that it wouldn’t collapse.

“We just get the utilities shut off and make sure everything’s taken care of for them as best we can, and then there’s not much more we can do,” Henry said.                                       ( This is just before Hospital Entrance on South Main Street in area of Thompson Street intersection.)

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On 9/9/2021 at 11:09 AM, dubois_15801 said:

That much damage to a house - certainly going faster than 35MPH speedlimit.

Somebody needs to lose their drivers license and their right to own a vehicle for a minimum of 10 years.   Even if it was mechanical problem with car, there is little excuse for what I see there.

And going uphill.. had to been going well over 35mph.

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