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Fall 2021 Penn State Extension Master Gardeners Classes

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Fall 2021 Penn State Extension Master Gardeners Classes


Get into gardening and nature in a way that vastly exceeds your normal opportunities to learn and teach. 

Certified Master Gardener Classes will begin on Thursday, October 7, 2021 and go till March 4, 2022.  There is a fee for materials and the manual.  Please leave a message for the Jefferson County Coordinator at 814-849-7361 Extension 508, or e-mail  cjs5618@psu.edu.  You will receive a message back as soon as possible.

Once you make your initial contact with the Coordinator and have determined that this program will work for both yourself and the Extension, you will receive an application to complete and drop off at the office with your fee.  You must call first as the office is not always open to the public.

All classes will be completed via the internet.  Moderate computer skills and availability are required for this program.  Horticulture and Skills training includes The History of Extension, Basic Botany, Plant Propagation, Soils Health, Fertilizer Management, Composting, Controlling Pests Safely, Basic Entomology, Plant Diseases, Indoor Plants, The Vegetable Garden, Communications and Diversity, Lawn Care, Pruning Ornamental Plants, Tree Fruits, Small Fruits, Landscape Design, Woody Ornamentals, Herbaceous Plants, Native Plants, Weeds, Invasive Species and Plant Diagnostics.

 Once classes are successfully completed, during the first year you must complete 50 hours of service to the Master Gardeners, and to continue in the program, you must complete 20 hours per year.

If you are looking for a challenge and the opportunity to build your lifetime Horticultural skills in a meaningful way, then please let us discuss the program with you before September 20

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