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Redbank Valley Teachers On Strike


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BREAKING NEWS: Redbank Valley Teachers on Strike

September 13, 2021 12:50 am·
Author: Aly Delp

04414342-.jpgNEW BETHLEHEM, Pa. (EYT) – Teachers in the Redbank Valley School District have officially gone on strike.

(Photos by Dave Cyphert of ProPoint Media Photography)

The teachers began picketing outside Redbank Valley High School around 9:00 a.m. on Monday.

The strike comes in the wake of contentious contract negotiations centering primarily around health insurance concessions and a proposed two-year pay freeze for teachers.

Negotiating meetings themselves have even been a sticking point, with the Redbank Valley Education Association (RVEA) saying in a statement that the board “assured” them they would have a comprehensive proposal for a meeting on Sunday, September 12, then informed them, via their attorney Bob Zurata, that the board “did not have a formal proposal.”

The school district fired back in a second Facebook post on Sunday saying that they had not promised a formal proposal.

“We tried to schedule a meeting last night, but the district was unwilling to bring a proposal. We said we’d meet. We’re available today, we’re available tomorrow. We’re available any time,” union representative Patrick Andrekovich told exploreClarion.com on Monday morning.

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