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Admins on DuBos live?


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3 hours ago, Lyndsey33 said:

If she knew who to complain to, she wouldn't be asking on here. 

Yet she still hasn't got an answer on here either. Some just need to learn to look past others remarks and go on about their day. I won't have a face page. Had one years ago and did nothing for me. If I wanted to hear complaining I'd go in my house instead of the garage. Two teenage girls is enough. Facepage is like having 16 million teenagers on their bad day everyday all day long. 

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Can you just unfriend them?  A few years ago I did a major cleanout of my Facebook because I simply didn't have time to waste on it.  A distant relative e-mailed me and said she had never been unfriended by a relative before.  I simply responded and told her to e-mail or call me when she wanted to talk.  Never heard from her again.

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10 hours ago, Bon said:

I’m probably going to get blasted for this, but 🤷‍♀️
On godubois it took you long enough “to learn to look past others remarks and go on about their 

 Only thing I've learned is I'll never be right or alright. 

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