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The more I think on Ted Zoli's proposal, the more irritated I get. Think about it. That 8 billion a year figure is, presumably, the total of vehicle repair or replacement costs and medical expenses caused by collisions with wildlife. Zoli proposes taking one quarter of that to build wildlife overpasses.

How is that to be done? During that first year, while there are no overpasses, wildlife/vehicle accidents will presumably continue at historic rates, incurring $8 billion in costs. Are one quarter of the injured to forego treatment, one quarter of the vehicles to go unrepaired so as to make available the $2 billion Zoli proposes to "take"?

The thing is a prime example of "pie in the sky by and by", or perhaps merely an empty head in action.

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These have proven to help out west.  But the number of places that deer cross limited access highways here in PA would require a tunnel the length of the entire state on just I-80 alone.  lol

Now, with that above being said - I'd rather spend $8B on these across the many states than send $0.01 abroad.   There are places on I-80 where these could be used.   It would help, but wouldn't completely eliminate deer impacts on the interstate.

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