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Punxsy Man Jailed For Kicking, Punching Victim; Causing Damage o Residence, Car


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Punxsy Man Jailed for Kicking, Punching Victim; Causing Damage to Residence, Car

October 2, 2021 12:30 am·
Author: Aly Delp

police-new-colorful.jpgOLIVER TWP., Pa. (EYT) – A Punxsutawney man is behind bars after he reportedly kicked and punched a victim and also caused damage to the victim’s residence and car.

Court documents indicate the Punxsutawney-based State Police filed criminal charges against 22-year-old Zacheriah Philip Burkett, of Punxsutawney, on October 1.

According to a criminal complaint, around 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 30, Punxsutawney-based State Police were contacted by a known victim who reported that his son, Zacheriah Burkett had accessed his debit card. However, while police were interviewing the victim, they discovered a series of recent domestic incidents.

According to the complaint, the victim reported that Burkett had become physical with him three times during the month of September at their shared residence in Oliver Township, Jefferson County. He indicated the first time, on September 4, Burkett kicked him in the legs approximately four times, but he was not injured.

The victim indicated the second incident occurred on September 11.

The complaint indicates the victim told police he and Burkett were arguing over Burkett smoking inside their shared residence, and Burkett put his cigarette out and placed ashes inside a pile of clothing, which then began smoldering. The victim subsequently threw the clothing outside of the residence.

The victim reported Burkett also placed small burn marks on an interior wall, then grabbed both of his (the victim’s) arms, causing bruising. He indicated Burkett then punched a hole in an interior wall, broke two windows out of the bedroom of the residence, went outside and “belly-flopped” onto his (victim’s car), and threw stones at and punched his (the victim’s) car.

The complaint notes the victim gave an estimate of approximately $225.00 damage to his residence and approximately $300.00 damage to his vehicle.

The victim also reportedly told police that Burkett punched him in the back with a closed fist and indicated the area still hurt although he didn’t have any visible injury.

The victim stated the third incident occurred on September 28, and began while he and Burkett were visiting a family member’s residence in Punxsutawney Borough. The victim reported Burkett took the family member’s debit card and went to a grocery store in Punxsutawney to make purchases. The victim told police he found Burkett at the store with the family member’s debit card, and he then took the debit card from Burkett, according to the complaint.

The victim reported that later the same day, when they were back at their residence and were discussing the incident, Burkett grabbed him and placed him in a headlock.

Burkett was arraigned in front of Magisterial District Judge Jacqueline J. Mizerock at 9:10 a.m. on Friday, October 1, on the following charges:

– Simple Assault, Misdemeanor 2
– Criminal Mischief – Damage Property, Misdemeanor 2
– Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact, Summary (three counts)

Unable to post $10,000.00 (10%) monetary bail, he was lodged in the Jefferson County Jail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on October 13 with Judge Mizerock presiding.

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