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Today 10/6 I was in line at WMT at the checkout register. There was a nice woman ahead of me and as she was getting checked out she put the blue bar at the end of her order so I could start putting my order on the line. I told her she was MY HERO. She finished up and left and the cashier was ringing up my order. I got my debit card out and the cashier told me that the woman that just left had paid for my entire order. I was floored and did not know what to say. I got my act together and went looking for her but she was gone. I am an old man and in 68 years nothing like this ever happened to me. I want to thank her for her kindness and I fully intend to pay it forward. Nice people do exist no matter what you see on the news.If she reads this I wanted to sincerely thank her for her kindness.

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