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Clearfield Woman Accused Of Stalking, Placing Tracker On Man's Car


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Clearfield woman accused of stalking, placing tracker on man’s car

by: Kelsey Rogers

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CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Clearfield woman faces stalking and harassment charges after police say she stalked a man, put a tracking device on his car and took money from his bank account.

Emily Addleman, 45, allegedly showed up outside of a male’s apartment in Clearfield on Sept. 4. Police said the male and Addleman had previously lived together. On Sept. 14, the man contacted police and said he was still receiving texts and phone calls from Addleman.

Records from his Facebook account also show that someone logged into his account from a separate device. The person who logged into his account was impersonating him and messaging another woman, claiming that Addleman spent the night with him, according to the charges filed.

The man contacted police again three days later when his Facebook was hacked again, despite changing all of his passwords. He also received text messages from an unknown number. On Oct. 8, he reported an unauthorized transaction on his bank account for $232.32 that allegedly was sent to the company that Adleman has a car loan through.

Police received a report on Oct. 13 that Addleman placed a tracking device under the man’s vehicle. Police found a tracking device between the rear bumper and the body of the vehicle. Surveillance cameras are in the area and video will be requested, according to the charges filed.

Addleman has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Oct. 27.                                                                                                                                                        SEE VIDEO REPORT    ;   https://www.wearecentralpa.com/news/local-news/clearfield-woman-accused-of-stalking-placing-tracker-on-mans-car/

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