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Penn Highlands DuBois Vaccine Protest Friday 11/19


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9 hours ago, blueangel said:

Of course they don't. I've worked as a CNA and LPN, when you work in a nursing home or a hospital you know that they operate 24/7. That means they have to have staff there 24/7. Not only doctors and nurses, they have to have dietary, lab, cleaning, security, radiology, etc. It's not just a 9-5 job. I'm extremely thankful to each and everyone of them. 


I realize that part. But they also have tons of office staff that work 9-5

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5 minutes ago, YourBoy said:

 No. But I can assure you none of the office staff is there. 

I don't get your point.  Office jobs are usually 7-3, 8-4, 9-5 or some variation similar in every industry.  You are comparing apples to oranges when you compare office staff to nursing staff.  When you enter any profession you know that weekends/holidays/nights/whatever is expected.  If you don't want it, you don't go into that field.

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4 hours ago, YourBoy said:

 No. But I can assure you none of the office staff is there. 

Your train of thought is confused over how PH gives holidays and the need to use PTO.

PH does not have paid time off broken into seperate 'baskets' of paid holidays, personal time, vacation time, etc.  Instead all your paid time off is lumped into one basket.   I dont know when they converted, but basically, say you had 15 days of vacation, 5 holidays, and 3 personal days it simply became 23 PTO days.   Actually allows some greater flexibilty with your time.  

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On 12/23/2021 at 10:41 PM, YourBoy said:

If you wonder why penn highlands is short staffed maybe start with they don’t even get Christmas off.  If they want to take it off they have to use their PTO. 

What hospital gives their staff off? Who is going to take care of the patients.  Good way to  try and make PH look bad but that was a dumb comment.

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On 12/24/2021 at 11:40 AM, YourBoy said:

I realize that part. But they also have tons of office staff that work 9-5

Their business office is closed, hahne is closed. Most business employees are already off on weekends. Dr office are off. The only ones I can think of that u mean are registration and they need people there.

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Nursing today is not the same as it used to be.  There used to be shifts which were pretty much adhered to, but not now.  Now, any hours that they need/want you are those that you take or else you lose your job or are heckled to death.

My daughter works 70-80 hours a week and they try to get her to come in for more.  She is not a new nurse, but when she was, it was a shock to know that she almost had to give up her home life in order to keep her job. 

Now that there are even fewer nurses, they run on the smallest number of nurses possible because there are no more options.  There are still nurses who believe that they are entitled to breaks to pee, eat and relax.  You have to be a dedicated caregiver to deal with the demands of being a nurse. 

She is also taking college classes at the same time because she knows the day will come when she doesn't have the strength to keep such long hours and will need to have more skills in order to get a job with regular hours.  Newly graduated, starry- eyed nurses come in and are so shocked by the demands that they take other jobs.  

Be good to any nurse who exceeds what is expected of her.  The extra attention comes from pieces of their hearts.

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On 12/23/2021 at 10:41 PM, YourBoy said:

If you wonder why penn highlands is short staffed maybe start with they don’t even get Christmas off.  If they want to take it off they have to use their PTO. 

If someone is leaving their job at the hospital because they don't get Christmas off without using a PTO day, that's asinine.  People are so lazy and entitled.  Plenty of folks working Christmas, you know, acting like adults. 

It's not just medical staff that work 365 days a year.  Utilities also work to keep your homes warm, and lights and water on; prison staff works, convenience store workers. . . 

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Nearly two-thirds of Antarctica station researchers get COVID despite being fully vaccinated, passing multiple tests, quarantining, and living miles from civilization

Nearly two-thirds of the staff based at the Princess Elisabeth Polar Station in Antarctica have been infected with COVID-19 despite having strict health protocols in place to try to stop the spread of the respiratory disease.

Since Dec. 14, at least 16 of the 25 workers at the Princess Elisabeth Polar Station have caught the coronavirus. The first case was a researcher who had arrived at the base seven days earlier.

The infected researchers were put into quarantine following the positive test. There are two emergency doctors at the Princess Elisabeth Polar Station treating the COVID-positive researchers.

The spread of COVID-19 was surprising for many since all of the researchers were fully vaccinated. The scientists also had to take several PCR tests and quarantine before traveling to the polar station.

"The researchers who are at the station currently had to undergo a PCR test in Belgium two hours before leaving for South Africa and then another PCR test five days after arriving in Cape Town, as well as ten days of quarantine," the Jerusalem Post reported.

A virologist consulted by the Belgian Polar Secretariat believes that the outbreak was likely caused by the omicron variant since it was the prevailing strain in South Africa – the last stop the researchers made before arriving in Antarctica.

Joseph Cheek – a project manager for the International Polar Foundation – told the BBC, "The situation isn't dramatic."

"While it has been an inconvenience to have to quarantine certain members of the staff who caught the virus, it hasn't significantly affected our work at the station overall," Cheek noted.

"All residents of the station were offered the opportunity to leave on a scheduled flight on 12 January," he added. "However, they all expressed their wish to stay and continue their work."

The base has halted all new arrivals until the outbreak ends.

The Princess Elisabeth Polar Station – the world’s first zero-emission polar research station that went into service in 2009 – is located in one of the planet's most remote regions and miles from civilization.

Antarctica was the last continent to not have any cases of COVID-19 up until December 2020, when 36 people caught COVID-19 at the Chilean research base General Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme in Antarctica.



So they were all vaccinated, they were all tested, they were quarantined for ten days prior to arriving and they were miles from civilization and they still got it.

Tell me again how the shot will protect me. answer is it doesnt. Keep drinking the koolaid people.

Those nurses who were protesting or lost their jobs because they did not get the poke were right to refuse it. Kudos to you for sticking to your principles.

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Covid-19: India records first death linked to Omicron variant

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Indian medical professionals wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) attend to patients inside a Covid-19 care centre and isolation ward facility, in an indoor stadium inside Commonwealth Games (CWG) Village sports complex in New Delhi, India, 04 January 2022IMAGE SOURCE,EPA
Image caption,
Nearly a third of new daily infections have been reported from Delhi and Mumbai

A 74-year-old man who died in the western state of Rajasthan was India's first death with the Omicron variant, the health ministry said on Wednesday.

Officials said the man had been suffering from diabetes and other comorbid conditions.

India has reported 2,630 Omicron cases so far.

It reported more than 90,000 cases on Thursday - a nearly six-fold rise over the past week that experts say is fuelled by the Omicron variant.

India recorded 325 deaths in the 24 hours but only one has been linked to Omicron, officials said.

"Technically it is an Omicron-related death. He was an elderly person who had diabetes and comorbid conditions," Health Ministry Joint Secretary, Lav Agarwal said at the daily press briefing on Wednesday.

The Indian Express newspaper reported that the patient was admitted to a hospital in Udaipur city in Rajasthan state on 15 December and died 15 days later. Doctors said the man was fully vaccinated.

During Wednesday's briefing, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) chief Balram Bhargava said that the Omicron variant is the "predominant circulating strain in cities and all mass gatherings must be avoided".

Mr Agarwal said the states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Jharkhand are "some of the emerging states of concern", with a sharp increase in weekly cases and positivity rates.

India has so far recorded more than 35 million Covid cases and around 482,000 deaths from the virus.

A disastrous second wave in April and May 2021 saw infections and deaths climb as hospitals ran out of beds, oxygen and life-saving drugs.

Preliminary data suggests that those with Omicron are less likely to spend time in hospital in critical care compared to previous variants.


But experts and doctors fear that a surge could still derail healthcare services - especially as India is headed for multiple state elections, which are often accompanied by massive rallies.

Several states, including Delhi and Maharashtra, have reintroduced curbs and temporary curfews to limit gatherings and arrest the spread of the virus.







Death in the whole wide world connected to Omicron.    ONE

Has the whole damn world went completely bonkers??????


Pay attention when you run a search on the Omicron virus. You get one sentence about Omicron and 10 paragraphs about how many people have died from the original virus. The reporting is pure brainwashing no matter where you look. 

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