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Franklin Signs New Contract, Will Stay At Penn State Through 2031


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Franklin signs new contract, will stay at Penn State through 2031

by: Kelsey Rogers

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Breaking News

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) — Penn State head football coach James Franklin has agreed to a new 10-year contract and will remain head coach through 2031.

Franklin’s contract terms were approved by the Subcommittee on Compensation of the Penn State Board of Trustees Tuesday afternoon, according to an announcement from Penn State athletics.

Franklin said Penn State’s future is bright and he is honored to continue to serve as head football coach.

“Nine weeks ago, the administration approached me about making a long-term investment in our football program,” he said. “This prompted numerous conversations outlining the resources needed to be competitive at a level that matches the expectations and history of Penn State. What’s most evident from those conversations is the importance of our student-athletes’ success both on and off the field.”

Franklin currently has a 67-32 record with the Nittany Lions as a head coach, along with a 2016 Big Ten Championship and seven bowl game appearances.

Under the new contract, Franklin will receive $7 million per year in total guaranteed annual compensation. His base salary is set at $500k while the supplemental pay is set at $6.5 million, according to documents presented by Penn State athletics.                                                                     SEE VIDEOS    ;  https://www.wearecentralpa.com/sports/nittany-nation/franklin-signs-new-contract-will-stay-at-penn-state-through-2031/

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I'm not a fan of Franklin, but I get why they extended him.  The University had very little leverage.  If Franklin leaves, he takes with him recruits and they're forced to start over.  If they want a big time coach to improve the program, then they're spending over $10M per year.  Who's out there that could take this program and put it on the level of Ohio State/Alabama/Georgia/Oklahoma?  PSU chose to remain relevant at a fair market value.  

Franklin tends to overthink himself a lot.  It gets him into trouble late in games.  Also, he talks too much and that gets him into trouble too.  

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