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Homer City Man Sentenced To Up To 2 Years Behind Bars For Indecent Assault And Corruption Of Minors


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Indiana County Man Sentenced to Up to Two Years Behind Bars for Indecent Assault and Corruption of Minors

November 24, 2021 12:31 am·
Author: Aly Delp

shutterstock_1175298715-gavel.jpgINDIANA CO., Pa. (EYT) – An Indiana County man was sentenced to up to two years behind bars on indecent assault and corruption of minors charges on Monday.

District Attorney Bob Manzi announced that 44-year-old Jeremy Johnson, of Homer City, has been sentenced to incarceration for his convictions for five counts of Indecent Assault and one count of Corruption of Minors.

On Monday, the Honorable President Judge Thomas M. Bianco sentenced Johnson to serve no less than nine months and no more than two years less one day in the Indiana County Jail. Subsequent to incarceration, Johnson will serve three years of consecutive probation and will be a lifetime registrant on Megan’s Law.

Johnson was convicted after a jury trial that occurred in June of 2021.

“The victim in this matter has the strength to stand up to her abuser, testify in Court several times and should be commended for her courage,” said Manzi. “The members of the Pennsylvania State Police, Troop A, Indiana Barracks did a phenomenal job investigating this case, which allowed our office to bring about a successful prosecution.”

“Ultimately, there is no conviction that will take away the trauma for this victim. However, we hope the victim is able to turn the page on this chapter of her life and move on proudly.”

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like I said

    Is there a rule females cant be one??? recent case gave a lol (PUNISHMENT)of 2yrs probation, if that was the same case against a man... he would be in jail.....sexting with a minor who is 1/2 your age having proof on comp. that having sex was talked about....2 yrs probation....nice job judge....slap the wrists of a few more perves....our kids will thank you

# Charge Grade Description Offense Dt. Disposition 1 18 § 6318 §§ A4 F3 Unlawful Contact With Minor - Obscene and Other Sexual Materials and Performances 10/14/2018 Waived for Court 2 18 § 5903 §§ C1 F3 Diss Explicit Sex Mat'l Minor 10/14/2018 Waived for Court 3 18 § 7512 §§ A F3 Criminal Use Of Communication Facility 10/14/2018 Waived for Court 4 18 § 6301 §§ A1i M1 Corruption of Minors 10/14/2018 Waived for Court

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