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19 hours ago, pennstater said:

Yes. Very annoying.  I used to be a dog owner.  A responsible one.  So many aren’t. From letting their dogs bark while outside to not picking their crap up when on a walk…..fines need handed out. 

Dogs are gonna bark..fact of life.  Now if it goes on for a lengthy time period, then there's a problem.  Call the authority's. I would be afraid the dog was not being cared for.

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Yes - dogs bark, natural for them to do so.  We allow ours to bark outside for a few minutes and then call them back inside.  If something is alarming them - maybe another session and that is the end of it.  We allow our dogs to be the instinctive protectors and watch dogs that they are - but like everything else concerning their care - moderation is key.  Dog owners need to control their dogs from barking - just like being on a leash when they are off property.  My opinions are my own and how we train our dogs is too - mother taught us a long time ago that we didn't have anything good to say - just keep it to ourselves.  

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