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Jefferson County Man Found Guilty In Rape Of Amish Girl Gets More Than 130 Years In Prison


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Man found guilty in rape of Amish girl gets more than 130 years in prison, District Attorney says

by: Bill Shannon

Posted:  / Updated: jail20cell20generic20prison_151984984030

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Jefferson County man was sentenced to 140-280 years in prison after being found guilty of rape, incest, and other charges, District Attorney Jeff Burkett announced Wednesday.

In May, Enos Hershberger, of Henderson Township, was found guilty of 169 charges, according to Burkett. The charges included multiple counts of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, incest and other related charges involving a young Amish girl who was an adult by the time they went to trial.

On Dec. 21, Hershberger was declared a sexually violent predator under Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law and was sentenced by Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas Judge John H. Foradora.

“I’m very pleased with this sentence,” Burkett stated. “Our victim had to endure years of awful sexual abuse at the hands of this man. She received no support from her family or her community throughout this process, but the power of truth overcame all of this. Justice was done and this man will not be able to do this ever again.”

Burkett has thanked Pennsylvania State Trooper Michael D’Andrea for the work he did on the case as well as his office’s County Detectives Jeff Lee and Dave Ray.

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12 hours ago, Petee said:

This happens a lot in all worlds, but in a community dedicated to peace, it stands out more, and I think it gets advertised more.  

It is NEVER acceptable and needs to be dealt with equitably on behalf of all children of the world.

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I think they don't discuss this enough with their children and the kids get too scared to stand up for themselves.  The Amish are very discreet with personal information, but the kids may view it as a Taboo.  At any rate, the elders have recently been pushing it with the families, to keep their eyes and ears out for youngsters who seem to be in need of a listening ear.  They do not tolerate it at all if they know and step in quickly if they find it is happening in their community.  However, they would probably shun the aggressor rather than calling the police.  If that doesn't work, then the police are the next step.  When police are involved, they do whatever is needed to help, and that includes supporting the remaining family and treating the injured parties with care for as long as they need it.

Do we English do that or do we just let the police take care of it and walk away?

When the Schmucker family was involved, the elder children called the police.

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