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Superload To Move Through Central Pa., Drivers Urged To Take Caution


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Superload to move through Central Pa., drivers urged to take caution

by: Kelsey Rogers

Posted:  / Updated: 

(WTAJ) — A slow-moving superload will travel from New York to Pennsylvania starting Wednesday evening, according to officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

The superload will start in West Milton, New York and travel to Wampum, Pennsylvania. It is 213 feet long and weighs 294 tons. It will use two traffic lanes which will result in traffic stoppage and travel delays, according to PennDOT.

The majority of the transport is expected to finish on Jan. 21 and will take place during the evening hours. It will span across 16 counties. The full list is below

County Road Distance in Miles
Susquehanna County    
  I-81 South at the New York State Line through Lackawanna County and into Luzerne County at Exit 151B to access I-80 West 81.59
Luzerne County    

I-80 West through Luzerne, Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, and Union counties into Clinton County

and exit 192

Clinton County    

Route 2002 (Tea Springs Road)

Exit I-80, cross over Route 2002 and re-enter I-80 West

  I-80 West through Clinton County through Centre County and into Clearfield County and exit 111/Penfield to access Route 153 North 81.31
Clearfield County    
  Route 153 North into Elk County to access Route 219 North 16.37
Elk County    
  Route 219 North to Bootjack Truck Lane (Route 219) in Ridgway 10.39
  Route 219 Bootjack Truck lane to Route 120 West 1.80
  Route 120 West to Route 219 North 1.18
  Route 219 North to Route 948 North in Ridgway 0.14
  Route 948 North to Route 66 South 18.67
  Route 66 South through Forest County into Clarion County 36.43
Clarion County    
  Route 66 to Route 322 West See above combined mileage
  Route 322 West into Venango County to Route 62 South 25.03
Venango County    
  Route 62 South into Mercer County to Route 173 South 15.29
Mercer County    
  Route 173 South to I-80 West 10.34
  I-80 West to Ohio State Line Exit I-80 and return to PA using Route 422 East 23.65
  Route 422 East into Lawrence County to access Route 376 East 7.78
Lawrence County    
  Route 376 East to Exit 13A 0.69
  Once exiting Route 376 East, transport will turn left onto Route 224 East, and then turn right to re-enter Route 376 East 0.09
  Route 376 East to Turnpike Ramp and Toll Road 1.56
  Route 376 Turnpike Toll Road and exit at Route 168 North 0.10
  Re-enter Route 376 West Turnpike Toll Road to Route 108 North 0.95
  Route 108 North to Route 18 South to Alaron Corp in Wampum, PA 8.85

    SEE VIDEO REPORT     ;      https://www.wearecentralpa.com/news/local-news/superload-to-move-through-central-pa-drivers-urged-to-take-caution/

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1 hour ago, pwacm said:

I wonder what it is?  I see the place it is going deals with nuclear waste. New equipment?

The freight: An empty empty steel tank decommissioned in 1996 at the D1G Prototype reactor plant on the Naval Nuclear Laboratory's Kenneth A. Kesselring Site in West Milton. A PennDOT spokeswoman said the tank will be disassembled, recycled and disposed of by Alaron, which does low-level radioactive materials processing.

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A 250-ton, 210-foot-long superload truck will be moving through our area overnight Saturday night into Sunday. Its 18-foot width will cause some travel delays, which is why movement will take place after midnight and before dawn.
The truck, which is carrying an empty tank from a decommissioned nuclear reactor, departed West Milton, NY Wednesday night and should reach Lawrence County late next week. Saturday night, the truck, which will block two lanes and travel about 30 mph, will get on Interstate 80 in Clinton County, pass through Centre County and exit I-80 in Clearfield County at Penfield. From there, it will travel north on Routes 153 and 219, stopping in Ridgway for the night.

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The Superload cargo is a radioactive tank which will be dismantled by Veolia Waste Management at the Alaron site just west of Ellwood City, and south of Wampum, PA.

It is traveling from SE New York state and across Pennsylvania using secondary roads and I-80 in addition to other roads.

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It was decommissioned in 1996 according to a previous post. Let's move it in the middle of winter through snow country. I suppose this is when traffic levels are lowest. They should have moved it in March or early April 2020. 

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2 hours ago, Petee said:

They'd be crazy to try Penfield Mountain in the storm tonight unless it's not going to snow till morning.  Even the icing problem up there is risky.

They must of really pushed that load to be ahead of schedule. Getting it through Ridgway & up Montmorency is the major problem during the day, but Sunday’s there’s less traffic. If they would get going today, they would get to it’s destination before the storm hits the fan.

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22 hours ago, Bon said:

Why didn’t they move it across NY interstate then drop down into PA by Erie?

Possibly due to clearances from utilities, bridges, buildings, etc.  And some bridges/roads not being able to support the weight.   Then turn-radius at some intersections or turns in the road.

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2 hours ago, Petee said:

They'd be crazy to try Penfield Mountain in the storm tonight unless it's not going to snow till morning.  Even the icing problem up there is risky.

PennDOT is also in the chain of vehicles providing traffic control and road prep for any weather conditions.

The transport company and owners of item paid for the support made by the state, municipalities, and other businesses/utilities.

These superload moves help bring in funds to PA, much like the charges of going through the Panama Canal does for Panama, or Suez Canal for Egypt.

I had to do a series of utility prep jobs for the company that built the new 1 gigawatt power plant north of Johnstown a couple years ago - 48 superloads.  None were individually this big, but did help make a number of people paychecks for a couple weeks.


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Superload’s Trek through Region Delayed Until Tuesday At Earliest

http://explorevenango.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/1D4A8166-1024x683.jpgWAMPUM, Pa. – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is providing motorists with an update on the movement of a superload being transported from West Milton, New York to Wampum, Pennsylvania.

(PHOTO: A ‘superload’ that traveled through the region in 2019. The load consisted of a Yankee Dryer that was ultimately delivered to a facility in Lock Haven, Pa. Photo by Dave Cyphert of ProPoint Media Photography.)

Due to recent, intense wintry weather, the superload is not expected to move overnight tonight. At the earliest, the transport will continue its journey after 10:00 PM Tuesday, January 18. Weather permitting, it will travel from Elk County to Route 66 in Forest County to Route 322 in Clarion County into Venango County.

From there it is expected to travel on Route 62 in Venango County to Route 173 in Mercer County to Interstate 80 to Ohio, as part of a more than 400-mile journey across the state. The superload is 213 feet long and weighs 294 tons.

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1 hour ago, mr.d said:

Saw video where they were coming off  Rt.153 on to Rt.219 the othe rnight iin the snow.

I did to. Can’t post it because of the language used. The lady was super amazed by how they got the load to turn, 😁.

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