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TO The Anti trumpers and Liberals. The image shows it all.


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18 hours ago, Lupara said:

Trump handed Syria over to the Russians. He withheld military aid to Ukraine unless they fabricated political dirt on Biden. The Javelin missiles we did provide were with the rider that they couldn't go within 10 miles of a Russian tank.  

In his first days in office, Trump called for the easing of sanctions against Russia after his takeover of Crimea. Never a single word about that on the campaign trail. Not a single word and he pulls this in his first 10 days. Things would have gone differently with Trump in the White House alright, better for Russia and worse for the sovereign democratic country of Ukraine. 

Understand Putin wants the destruction of the West. That is his endgame. Anyone attacking our president, sowing discord for political gain is helping Putin and Russia. As Anti- American as anything I have ever seen.

Why did Putin not attack Ukraine when  President Trump was in office. Because he told Putin he would bomb Moscow if he did. Putin waited until Biden was in office and saw how weak and ineffective he is at everything.

This administration is a joke and needs to go. Unfortunately we still have three more years of these buffoons. I just hope the US is still around in three years. Biden will probably give it away to whoever pays him the most. either the Russians or Chinese or both. 

Biden will go down as the worst President of the United States and most likely the worst leader of any country ever. He is clueless, a moron, a liar, a plagiarist, a racist.

I just wonder how long he thinks he can hide in his basement before the whole world implodes. Heck he can't even answer simple questions reporters give him. The man is inept. God help us all with this lunatic in charge

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15 hours ago, GoodDeal said:

Republican heroes! Enemies of All Democracies. 

s-l1600 (1).jpg

Ahh yes.  The lying media succeed at one thing……brainwashing their constituents.  The lie of the century (Russia and Trump collusion), And currently claiming that Trumps praising them.  The msm and the propaganda ministry are one and the same. 
Some folks rather believe lies. 

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Ain't it sumtin', having to deal with people who just can't handle the truth they don't like?

Braindead is in charge and Putin is killing people but Trump is the never ending bad guy to those that can't think on their own.

To a simple mind, Trump was bad, is bad, and forever will be bad. 

Lemon, Fredo and Madcow told the simpletons that Trump was their enemy and the simpletons will take that lie to their grave.

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