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Liberty Boulevard Embankment Project Under Way In DuBois


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On 5/4/2022 at 8:34 AM, Cacao said:

I've never experienced this or have I witnessed what you mention above.  What I have witnessed all across this area is the need for people turning right to swing very wide to their left, into the incoming lane or passing lane.  I cannot understand why drivers in this area do that.  Turning right onto West Long Ave from Main Street is a popular place for this stupidity.

Yes, I've seen that as well.  I think many do that to avoid the storm grate there.  When I'm turning right I always watch for the middle lane, because I've almost got hit there several times and I don't drive a large vehicle but some of the cars make it too small for my vehicle to proceed forward to make the turn.  If I head over to Martins, I generally go past the YMCA.  Defensive driving is my genre.  Also avoidance too.  

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