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Bellefonte Woman Bathed Kids In Alcohol, Gave Them Meth


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Police: Bellefonte woman bathed kids in alcohol, gave them meth

by: Jared Weaver




CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– A woman is behind bars after police said she bathed kids in alcohol and gave them meth to smoke.

After an interview with one of the four children on April 18, Bellefonte police discovered that 33-year-old Tara Auman would put two of the kids in bleach and spray them with alcohol because “there were bugs coming out from him,” according to the criminal complaint. The child described the bathroom as smelling like a pool when the kids were getting bath.

Police also learned during the interviews that Auman was also allegedly giving the children meth.

The child told police Auman asked the kids if they wanted to try wax. She then reportedly handed the smoking pipe to one of the children and lit it. Police were given drawings of the pipes that the children saw Auman use. One even described the lighting as “heating sugar on the stove.” The kids would get dizzy and tired, one even said how it was addicting.

Auman gave the children meth on more than one occasion, police noted.

On March 30, police performed a traffic stop on Blanchard Street after doing surveillance on Auman’s vehicle, and she was arrested for driving under the influence after failing field sobriety tests and having her blood drawn. When police searched her vehicle and property, they found multiple pipes for smoking meth along with the drug.

Auman faces charges of corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of children along with additional drug charges.

Auman is currently confined in Centre County Prison with bail set at $5,000 and is awaiting a preliminary hearing set for May 11.

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