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The Older True Great Awakening with 105 pages


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If you haven't noticed, the slow drips of information coming out has picked up DRAMATICALLY!  :popcorn: I already have my popcorn half eaten. >>> God Bless America!



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When are you going to stop watching or listening to MSM?? 

Wait until you find out what else they have been lying to you about.

I'll answer that now for you >>> EVERYTHING!!



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WhipLash347, [3/14/2022 8:08 AM]
[Forwarded from Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page]
♟ chess ♟️

> How do [EXPOSE] the DEEP STATE CABAL in the U.S. > 3 letter agencies> Ex- presidents > OBAMA, CLINTON(s), Bush /DEEP STATE MILITARY GENERALS/Congress/ Top 500 corporations in the U.S. who are connected to the ILLEGAL UKRAINE BIOLABS/ MONEY LAUNDERING/ HUMAN TRAFFICKING

> How do you [ EXPOSE ] the UN , NATO, EU leaders & their corrupt Intelligence systems/ DEEP STATE MILITARY/

> How do you [  EXPOSE. ] the ELITES and their current blood lines ( Klaus Schwab, Merkel, Bush, ROTHSCHILDs, Rockefellers, ECT ECT ECT) that created the UN , NATO, NASA =CIA </ DAVOS GROUP who controls WEF WHO ect ect ect ect ect ECT ECT ect """"""" .... Whom all created the VIRUS, KILLER VACCINES PLANDEMIC ... the Demise of the UKRAINE since early 1930s & arming West Ukraine and creating NAZI backed regimen and financing the West Ukraine Nationalist regimens who have killed millions of their people, Jews , Russian, other ethnics since 1938./

> How do [ EXPOSE] the MIDDLE EAST running CIA/OBAMA/ Clintons/Bush/Merkel/NATO funneling money laundering operations  through the middle east Iran/Pakistan/Afghanistan then back to UKRAINE then back to the pockets of the of the DEEP STATE> OBAMA > HRC>BIDEN>UN>NATO> DAVOS GROUP, ECT ECT ECT ECT..

> HOW DO YOU [ EXPOSE ] the world corruption SYSTEM connected to the UKRAINE? 
>>> PUTIN<<<< made the Chess move.... TRUMP HAD TO STEP ASIDE ( PUBLICLY) > TRUMP couldn't invade UKRAINE this would have put all COUNTRIES against the U.S. And created a WAR through EU DEEP STATE controlled oppositions and TRUMP would have been labeled a TRUE TYRANT and U.S. Would have gone into CIVIL WAR.... The Atrocities of the aftermath would have been devastating!
♟️ CHESS ♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️ to.          ] EXPOSE [.        World corruption....& Ukraine is the 🗝️
>> PUTIN had to make this move < 
>BIN SALMAN IS ON COURSE MOVING HALF A QUINTILLION THROUGH THROUGH MIDDLE EAST AND SOCIAL MEDIA EMPIRES ( his connection to the world's wealthiest subsidiary companies in the world own the most Stock in MAJOR social media/ Markets)
The world is connected.

All or nothing.
++ ++ +


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WhipLash347, [3/14/2022 8:11 AM]
[Forwarded from DavidNinoRodriguez]

It's becoming clear in hindsight that Trump HAD to be hidden from plain view while Putin took down the deep state cesspool that is Ukraine. No one would have accepted Trump allowing this but they instinctively understand that Biden is an impotent sock puppet...which provides distinct opportunities.
Timing is everything.

Putin is able to rescue Ukraine from Nazis and while the media can try...they will be unsuccessful at blaming this on muh orange man bad. 

The plan is brilliant. 

This is chess at a global level that boggles the mind. 

And guess what? 
Nothing can stop what is coming. 

God is putting on a show for those with eyes to see and ears to hear and anons have front row seats.

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The Hypocrisy & Greed of the US (black-hat) Government! Check Their Invasion Stats!

The US would never tolerated Bio-weapons and weapons of mass-destruction in Canada, Mexico, or Cuba, aimed at US cities!

So why should Russia tolerate the same dangerous weapons, installed by the US and other foreign countries, straight at their border? Near populated Russian cities, threatening hundreds of millions of lives!

The countries that armed Ukraine like a proxy, to threaten Russia, are directly responsible for this Russian military intervention and cleanup of US controlled Bio Labs.

Know the facts before you start pointing fingers and blaming the person brave enough to start cleaning the thugs from our world! We pray no innocent Ukranians are injurred. And not all ukranian soldiers are black hats- we pray they all stay safe.

But friends this is what happens when corrupt and dangerous people do shady deals in countries all around the world! This is a war against evil and they must be cleaned from our planet!

Putin has already saved millions not only in Ukraine but neighboring European countries, the evil players pictured on the left side of this video cover had mass genocide plans for these countries. Yet the true villain's are makeing the world believe that Putins the culprit, far from the truth!

Follow Tiana Khalid on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHJNqkclT4bx4TiuOQHT_rw/videos 

Every day the truth is censored, the world news is no longer reliable. It's up to the world citizens to search, cross reference, and report our findings.
Since the dark forces are scrubbing truth from the internet we must dig deeper to find hidden facts.

At Truth Seekers Worldwide, I can not continue this work without your support. I would very much appreciate if you would buy me a coffee: buymeacoffee.com/?via=LeslieO

If that is not possible, please subscribe, like, comment, and share with others. Once the world is awake the tyranny will end! Stop watching your TV! ;)

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The truth is sometimes ugly,  but it has to be told.

Thank you George News.


Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian Questions US DoD funding of "labs" in Ukraine

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You know when things come up like this, you're thinking what the he!l is really going on? 
I'll tell you right now, they already have all of that footage and Nancy has been arrested months ago. >> That is the TRUTH!

This is already over with and its just been playing out. Like I've been saying all along .... "ENJOY THE MOVIE" :popcorn: 


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President Kennedy Warned Us ALL ...

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Citizens of Ukraine confirm Ukranian forces are firing on their own people.

Remember that Kindergarten that was blown up?

Meanwhile, neo-Nazis, as if nothing had happened, are posting a video on the Internet, where you can clearly see the kindergarten they occupied. The footage is presumably in Mariupol or Odessa..... And then there will be moaning that the Russians are hitting kindergartens and hospitals..

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