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Clearfield County Seniors Receive Farmers Market Nutrition Checks


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Clearfield County Seniors Receive Farmers Market Nutrition Checks


In partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging Inc. has provided 1,641 eligible consumers in Clearfield County with 6,564 vouchers for the Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) valued at $39,384. Seniors can purchase fresh produce raised and sold by Pennsylvania Farmers at PA Farmers markets approved by the Department of Agriculture. 

If you are a resident of Clearfield County, 60 years of age or older by December 31, 2022, and meet all income guidelines, you are eligible to receive four $6 checks (a total of $24) to be used to purchase, fresh unprepared, nutritious, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs from approved farmers in Pennsylvania.   In addition to making seniors healthier by giving them the opportunity to purchase fresh produce, it also helps expand the awareness and use of Farmers Markets right here in Clearfield County.

This year, EVERY participant must submit a fully completed application with signature for review, by mail or email at mail@ccaaa.net.  To register for an application to be sent to you or to receive more information, call the CCAAA Inc. Special Farmers Market number at 814-765-2691.  Follow the directions on the phone, and your application will be mailed to you to fill out and mail back.  If you have filled out every line on the application and have signed and meet the guidelines, you will receive

$24 in checks in the mail.  Please leave only one message. Please make sure every line is completed and signed.  Email participants may type their signature.

The income guidelines as follows:

1 person $25,142

2 people $33,874

3 People $42,606

Each qualified Pennsylvanian may receive the $24 SFMP benefit once a year.  Applications are not available for pick up or drop off at the CCAAA offices or Centers for Active Living. 

You will receive a list of the 13 Farmers markets approved in Clearfield County, but checks can be used at any of SFMNP markets in the state.

Distribution of checks will end September 30, 2022, or when supply is exhausted.  Register today!  Supply is very limited. Recipients have until November 30, 2022, to use the checks at farm stands or markets.


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