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  1. MEDICAL EPISODE??? Here is another lie the MSM told us ... If you look closely, Hillary is handcuffed and being forced into the car. The reason she fell is because she is pushing back and did not want to get into the vehicle. She even lost her shoe and they basically just left it here. This was in September of 2016 Remember every lie will be revealed ...
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  2. This is my cousin and her husband and she’s in serious condition and needs all the prayers please! This is very sad and he just beat cancer and we as a family our just heartbroken
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  3. Coroner: Big Run man killed in three-vehicle crash on Route 119 By Larry McGuire, Of The Spirit Feb 22, 2021 Updated 6 hrs ago BIG RUN — A 51-year-old Big Run man was killed in a three-vehicle crash Monday morning on Route 119. Jefferson County Coroner Brenda Shumaker said Randy Coombs died when his Chevrolet Tahoe collided with a log truck and pickup truck around 10:30 a.m. on a snow-covered roa
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  4. This was my cousin and her husband, please keep her in your prayers she’s going to need them and lots of them
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