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  1. Pompeii

    The True Great Awakening!

    Pennsylvania's Sen. Doug Mastriano and Sen. Chris Dush explain why Maricopa County is the gold standard of election audits. The audit is very secure, there are cameras everywhere, they are protecting voters privacy, they ensure chain of custody, and they got real professionals who volunteered. "I'm hard to impress but these guys take me back to my strategic air command days. So, I'd like to encourage other state legislatures to come down here and take a look at it. Especially, if you have had situations like we had in PA that really have our citizens in an uproar. " - Sen. Dush
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  2. Her father was killed in the California fire station shooting. Firefighters came to her graduation By David Williams, CNN Updated 1:18 PM ET, Fri June 4, 2021 Joslyn Carlon received her diploma while wearing her late father's firefighting jacket. (CNN)Joslyn Carlon wore her dad's firefighting jacket over her graduation gown when she walked across the stage to accept her high school diploma on Thursday, just two days after he was killed in a shootin
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  3. Petee

    Boulevard car wash

    So it remains to be seen whether it does a good job and how quickly, for how much? I don't go to Sheetz because a malfunctioning diverter head stripped about a foot or more of Clear Coat off of my van and they would do nothing about it! So we went a little more local. Now I think we'll have to hit the one out in Sandy! Sheetz no longer takes checks, so all of our business went to a local gas station and we've never been happier, plus there's no junk to buy at the station. This will be interesting!
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  4. Weather Scroll RightNow10:37 pm EDT 63°RealFeel® 64°Mostly clear Search °F °C Get this widget Tonight Jun 4 Lo 63
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