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  1. The Old Red Roof Pizza Hut is sooo much better than The Wing Street or Combo Pizza Hut's, they ruined their pizza just like Domino's. The pizza Domino's made back in the 80's was 10X better than the stuff they make today.
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  2. Grease covered cardboard is excellent then!!
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  3. My god, the grease there too!
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  5. I know, I was just kidding. People love Pizza Hut and I am not a fan. I get it.
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  6. block


    They were found this morning a little worse for the wear but ok and back with their family.
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  8. buschpounder

    After a fire

    Possibly carpet spa from Dubois
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  9. Pizza hut is a spongy cardboard pizza lmao.
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  10. Everyone has different tastes. I am ok with that. A lot of pizza tastes that way to me. Doesn't mean I ever want to see a business go under because I don't personally like it.
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  11. allboys

    Murrays Ford

    I looked there when I was car shopping. They did not have what I wanted. I don't buy new, it's a waste of money. I cannot expect they will have exactly what I want in used.
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  12. allboys

    Murrays Ford

    A Ford Dealership has an obligation to perform warranty work on ANY Ford product no matter where it was purchased. That is how you get and keep local and loyal customers.
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  13. Just a small price to pay to have the west coast burn...
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  14. Surprised I only received 9 thumbs down. Assumed I'd get more. What other unpopular opinion do I hold?
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  15. Believe it bucco. I dislike Frank's and have since I was a kid. Too doughy and nothing but a mouthful of grease. Capt'n Blues in Reynoldsville...call him and ask. He's a good dude and is nice to talk to. Can't remember his name, but he was in 'Nam and has some very interesting stories.
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  16. allboys

    Murrays Ford

    It would hopefully be an improvement.
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  18. I'm sorry to see any local business go under. I don't like their pizza, never have. I always equated it to eating grease covered cardboard. Other people love it.
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