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  1. Yes, it's a small investment for the labor it will save. Be sure to treat your soil as good as you treat your plants! Keep it chemical free and healthy.
  2. The trellises are a little more work and money, but they will make your harvest so much better! I am finally seeing Mexican Cucumbers in my deck garden. Can't wait till I have enough to ferment! It's a Gut Health Pill in a teeny little watermelon shaped package.
  3. There is also one near the theater at the Mall run by a church, but I have no other information.
  4. I think it depends on which Food Pantry you want to drop it off at. Some do, and some don't.
  5. She's beautiful, and hopefully she'll outgrow the puppy monster stage soon.
  6. By the way, were Jesus here today and worshipping or studying in a group, the group would be called Messianic Jews! They are all over the world.
  7. Boy did you say a mouthful! I personally agree more with Messianic Judaism that the modern Christian church. I wish there was a group close where I could study from and find friends.
  8. They are absolutely beautiful!!!! I hope they manage to get home soon without harm.
  9. Would wait staff prefer to work for minimum wage or higher and not get tips? The abusive customers would still be there.,
  10. Anyone want a fun job? Get over there and ask for a job! Help keep the place open.
  11. I agree about things getting worse over the decades, but not appreciably over the past year. I think we just have noticed it more because of all the stressors we have gone through, and this government isn't helping!
  12. If they need help, then they need to put an ad in the window!
  13. Petee

    burger king

    Cranky people are ruining life for everyone!
  14. I've been quizzing the wait staff when we go out and explaining why I am asking questions. 1. They all say that it started long before COVID. 2. Locals are the rudest people and they come back! 3. Travelers are the most polite and leave better tips. 4. Tips are about the same as they have always been. Note: Employers are required to make up the difference between what the wait staff would make on minimum wage and what they make in tips. If they're short then the employer pays the difference so a waiter always makes at least minimum wage. If they make more, then t
  15. I hate Facebook and try to never go there. It's never a 5-10 minute break, it tries to suck you in for the duration! NO! I have a LOT of work to do.
  16. I would imagine delivery drivers because when we are there, they always seem to have enough people in the prep area. Go apply, or better yet, buy the place and continue the tradition.
  17. Petee


    It's not just this commercial, it's the whole brain numbing, brainwashing agenda. Sit at your TV someday and HONESTLY and CRITICALLY watch everything that passes before your eyes and ears. Imagine Jesus moderating and explaining the virtues or sin in what you are seeing. How far can you get?
  18. Hey, when you go to dinner, and you're hungry, then you would like to be able to eat in a reasonable time. The wait staff wants the slackers gone also because they get no tips for the time spent keeping a booth from a new customer.
  19. I was at Charlie's Pub last night for a meeting that was reserved for a standing/sitting group. However, I ate dinner, then left. Many of the attendees sat down anyway, but they were "Meeting and Greeting". If it was just diners who didn't know enough to get up and go home when the place got crowded then they should have been politely asked by the wait staff if they would like to move to the lounge to continue their phone calls. Odds are that they would have left.
  20. Hasn't it been for sale for years? Maybe someone finally bought it. What part of Murry Ford?
  21. As long a few people speak up, they will continue because they think they are going to win, right or wrong.
  22. Petee


    This is where you fire off an e-mail to the company explaining that you will no longer deal with them. Whether you mean it or not, they do pay attention. Satan is setting us up for even greater things. Read the Quote at the bottom of this message.
  23. I hope I get to grow carrots this fall that succeed. I could put away a couple of bushels for the dogs. They love them!
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