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  1. Everyone who uses State Farm Insurance will have to call and declare war on the company itself. It's not the agents, it's the corporate nitwits on the Board of Directors who are probably bowing to coercion from government cronies. These are KIDS who have no idea of what a perversion that is being perpetrated on them and will easily be swayed into ungodly behavior just because it looks like everyone is into it! As one who has had family members from all the past generations right to the present, I can tell you that we love these people as long as they practice polite social behavior, but will get a boot to the rear from the family for spreading the act. We are polite and respectful, but just as we Heterosexual family members do not flaunt our very private actions in front of any and all kids, neither should any other sexual action be addressed to them, particularly from strangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Facts about Monkeypox. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/what-to-know-about-monkeypox-and-the-latest-cases#What-is-monkeypox?
  3. This hospital is really hard on its doctors. From the old clique that was here forever, to the new group who are all about elite standing instead of character, it's a doctor's nightmare. If they don't come for the peaceful community and lack of congestion nightmare, then they can have the social stress of the big city. It's up to the board to keep a good doctor, not just the community.
  4. Hopefully they follow the trail to the rest of her misdeeds. It could keep the legal system busy for generations.
  5. Get your Shingles vaccine. It's worth every penny if you have to pay for it! I was in the hospital and then in bed for 6 weeks with that nonsense.
  6. Petee


    If you watch, the owners and their father all work there as well.
  7. I agree completely. I do not believe that this mass immigration should be allowed but how do we stop it?
  8. Most of the relatively obvious immigrants that I see here are traveling through in expensive vehicles and just stopping to eat. Most of them have Texas license plates. They look ill at ease but everyone seems to be kind and tolerant to them. I hope they bring none of the poor behaviors of their countries with them, and have positive goals to add to our society as it is, not dragging it down to a violent Socialist economy. I think the cities are going to be the areas to suffer. Otherwise, I hope we do get immigrants who add to our country communities.
  9. Sadly, the beginning of the end of times does seem to be here. It is being unrolled right before our eyes. I know that we, as Christians, will be fine, but loving this country, and watching it's God given soul being destroyed for the future is heart breaking, knowing that our children will never be able to thrive in a world such as we have enjoyed. I hope that Jesus comes soon to rebuild the new Heaven and Earth for His believers.
  10. Imagine yourself as Satan whose whole being and followers are dedicated to perverting the Creation of God. Is this too unbelievable or is it an attempt to destroy mankind?
  11. As the Catholic Church has seen, they should never protect a wrong doer. God said to render unto Caesar what is Caesars and render unto God what is His. The laws of the land where you live are to be adhered to and if you owe the "land", then you need to deal with that first. In other words, you must pay for what you do wrong, not be hidden by someone else because a religion doesn't want to be embarrassed. God wants you with a clear heart, not a sneaky one. Even when God forgives us, we are to STOP doing what was wrong and make amends to anyone you wronged. I don't think that means to go back to your childhood and make every teeny wrong right, such as taking a dime from the phone booth (old joke) but any serious wrongs are to at least be addressed and corrected if possible. The church knows this already, and when they start taking their own advice, then the respect will return to them also.
  12. Shame on those who would let this criminal offense continue when it can be fixed fairly. Thirty steps? Why not put a "Manned" box at the door so they only have to walk 15 steps?
  13. https://republicbrief.com/they-lied-baby-formula-factory-just-made-shocking-reveal-about-biden-admin/
  14. Make your own! https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/childrens-health/formula-homemade-baby-formula/?gclid=CjwKCAjwj42UBhAAEiwACIhADj6RXFBBoTZnXdpi0D11HTQtb2-yo7S-SzfElptJ1Hk1b211pPmdtxoCl5sQAvD_BwE DON'T USE KARO OR SUGAR OR HONEY!!
  15. Or they were too cowardly to be the "one" to say something. Cowardice and lack of true leadership is the norm in our country. We've not had to actually "fight desperately" for our survival for a long time. It's easier to turn your back and just walk away. That's how crooks get away with things right out in the open. Check my ByLine below, and I do stand by it.
  16. The information was around even then, but no one wanted to be the "one" who brought it to the light of law enforcement.
  17. It does look like her eyes are somewhat better. Tell her to keep up the good work. She has a dew drop on her chin!
  18. Blessings on the little dollbaby!
  19. Summer garb yet? Gotta see her swimwear!
  20. We're almost ready to make the changeover but had to buy a Smart TV to complete the process. The post is on it's way, and if all goes well, it should only take the guys another 6 years to set it up! They call me impatient! I just have vast experience in living with procrastinators with poor planning skills!
  21. Corn, soybeans and wheat are the worst ones, and they're in everything! Few other crops are GMO. Hybridization is a different matter, and yes, those crops aren't harmful, produce better, but will probably not stand the long haul such as heirlooms have. GMO crops are terrible for the soil and kill everything in those fields, including the insects, bacteria, and the run-off finishes the rest. If your food contains GMOs, then don't eat them!!
  22. Is this something that you would have to watch from your computer? I don't particularly want to watch endless reruns of any program, but I do want to be able to access quality shows on occasion instead of 30 channels of nasty junk and 300 of truly stupid stuff.
  23. If I am working in the kitchen, I will listen to it if I can find it. I get kind of tired of old Westerns but they are one of the few types of TV that are clean enough to listen to. Star Link finally sent the last piece for our set up, so just as soon as it arrives, we're gold........and as soon as I can get the guys to do it.
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