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  1. I was at Martins a month or so ago and a woman was standing at the check out saying someone else (anyone) should pay for her groceries! I'm not sure what happened because I left the scene! Schizophrenia, Depression, Karen, whatever, I hope they called an ambulance/police for her and dealt with her absolutely out of control behavior.
  2. Gee, now they're sending people to jail for voter fraud that never really happened according to Democratic sources??
  3. When I called to disconnect the internet since I had already unplugged it, I asked what the new monthly bill would be with just the landline. They said $99 and odd cents. There are some kinds of services included but I'm not sure what, so I should probably call them back (which isn't easy) and get a clarification. We do need call waiting and the answering machine, but nothing else that I can think of. Oh, there's protection for the house wiring also, but that could probably go too.
  4. Got the soil test back and yes, the pH is 7.5. That's way too high for most garden perennials. Will also fix that this fall then test again in the spring before new plants are added. In spring, we will spread Preen for Crab Grass which is one of the ONLY times I will use an herbicide. Were the bed here at my house where I could regularly dig out crabgrass, it would NOT be used because we have a well. No toxic chemicals in our water. Also, in spring, we will add more pots to the area around Kurt Johnson's business. Right now we need some heavy pots moved with a dolly. Might anyone here be willing to help? If so, then please contact me at cshenkle@verizon.net or call 814-375-5090
  5. Our Verizon bill just for the landline is still about $100. It would be nice to be able to whittle that down too.
  6. Other than the very complicated set up, probably because we're not computer or technology wizzes, I couldn't be more happy with Star Link so far. It's so nice to be able to change links and pages as fast as I can read and work. Research has become a joy again.
  7. I cancelled our old internet today! Yea!! Now, does anyone use the VOIP landline program? Details please?
  8. We couldn't get Comcast where we live. I tried.
  9. Question? What do you mean when you say it's not a replacement for good internet?
  10. I cannot get into the Post or I would have packed it full of some sort of mouse poison myself
  11. Figures, but how do I get them to fix the mouse that chews wires in the post on a regular basis? By the time that I call them and then have to prove what the problem is, and wait for them to arrive, it would be a constant hassle. Once the dampness leaves the post, then it works OK till the next rainy spell. I'll have to call them and get rid of TV cable and internet. Hopefully that will take the bill down to a reasonable level. Isn't there some kind of a Senior service?
  12. Well, today I was finally able to link the computer to Starlink! The difference is amazing! Links open immediately and actually startle me but not for long. For anyone with slow internet, go this route and don't look back. Now, how to I disconnect my Verizon landline and what company should I go to? I want to keep my landline and phone number which I've had since 1969.
  13. Can Mother Nature get no credit for her work? That includes Global Warming which has been happening since the last Ice Age!
  14. Petee


    Stolen votes are expensive!
  15. The feet arrived, were painted and are awaiting the concrete pad being poured next week to make sure another groundhog or thief decides to abscond with them again. We've been digging, filling, transplanting plants into pots to get stronger, pulling crab grass, crab grass, crab grass! Preen for Crab Grass next spring! Would the gentleman with the Metal Detector please contact me again about plants for his hillside? I have some for him.
  16. Get Starlink. You have to provide a free view of the horizon, and not everyone could do that, but why not check?
  17. We're all so different from our thoughts when we were small children. All we knew was what others around us were displaying or pumping into our heads. The teen years is when we started putting things together and getting ideas of our own. If you were taught well as a child, then you have some idea of where and where not to venture. A little experimentation and results will generally tell an intelligent young person what is worth working for and what will take you down like a rock. So stop indoctrinating children from the time they are babies. Let them develop naturally with some appropriate guidance and let them decide what they want when they have the experience to make decisions they won't have to blame on others.
  18. If you read the article, then you know how to kill it. It has to be starved of all sugars for at least two years. Ignore it at your own risk.
  19. I went to Girl Scout Camp there for several years. It was an experience that helped form my life.
  20. Meetings to which not everyone was invited. Guess which side did it?
  21. Sadly, I think he does feel victorious, but for a criminal reason, he is destroying the American way of life....on purpose.
  22. Absolutely correct! Stop all sweet beverages, natural or artificial, and I dare you to see what will happen to your body in 30 days.
  23. That's supposedly why they tore out the fountain at the stage in City Park.
  24. We go through 3-4 of them every time we go to Gettysburg, and as I get used to driving through them, it starts to make sense. However, I have to agree that the drivers in this area leave a lot to be desired.
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