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  1. A few simple changes have already made a huge difference and it is improving till more uncontrolled chemicals cause a problem again.
  2. Unfortunately only 22 minutes of the speech are shown, so I want to find the entire speech! This is amazing....
  3. What about if a Development Company, a bank or an insurance company is holding a property? Does this include them?
  4. If I wrote a book similar to "The Stand", I would have selected infected people traveling the world to spread the disease on a regular basis, and all variants too!
  5. Thank you. It was hardest to watch him suffer and there was nothing we could do for him but comfort him. He was a talker and tried his best to repeat words that were said to him regularly. We had a lady visiting, and she said that he said "hello" to her when she came down the driveway. We hadn't even told her that he talked!
  6. The variants come from those who have had COVID and spread it. It needs a vector, and in this case, it is us! Does the variant come from vaccinated or unvaccinated people?
  7. She's getting there! Yea Faith! We have Faith in you!
  8. I couldn't get an emergency appointment anywhere in our area so I called State College who couldn't give me an appointment till 2 days later, and even if it was an appointment, it was $600 in the door, and another $200 for tests. We kept him comfortable but he died two days later.
  9. You can subscribe to the Epoch Times or just hunt him up on the internet. Always a worthwhile source of news:
  10. I know someone who gets large payments at times in her life, and the family takes it out on her because they're jealous. She has grown up with abuse and lack of trusted friends and family.
  11. I would love to see an in-depth accounting of how many people were dying anyway when they got COVID. Was anyone in a car accident and were diagnosed with COVID at the ER. When they died, what was recorded as the cause?
  12. What about in FLU season when many more beds were occupied by that? By the way, where did the flu go?
  13. Petee


    Look out diet, here come the Frostys!
  14. Squirt is very lucky to have you as an owner. Vet bills around here are insane. Our cat needed a vet but we couldn't swing the $600 just to get him in the door. He was very old and died a couple of days later.
  15. God's best blessings are for those who recognize them! Thank Him everyday for her presence and for guidance on how to help her grow, just as she has helped you to grow..
  16. You guys were meant for each other. Thank you for sharing her advances with us!!
  17. I think it should be paid into a fund for the victims in general and given out as needed for college, healthcare and special needs. Paying it directly to the victims could make them victims again.
  18. Ummm, can't say that I ever heard about that one. Satan has a million ways to destroy humans.
  19. It's wonderful to see her sitting up on her own. Is she trying to crawl yet?
  20. The air horn is a great idea, because if the coyote attacks the human, then anyone in the area would know there is a problem and come to help. If you know where the den is, then ask hunters to come in and get them. There are also local trappers who might want to deal with them.
  21. On the other hand, I have always washed my turkey, but the prep area is washed and sanitized first, and again after it's in the oven. I drop it into the sanitized sink, with towels laid around the area, take off the wrapping, rinse and check for "objects" then dry and salt it inside. It's stuffed while sitting in the sink, lifted into the bag/pan, and then the scrubbing and bleaching begins. The juices are going to be a lot more places if you do it on a countertop.
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