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  1. I was wondering if liberals did this as a distraction. The documentary “ 2000 Mules” was released about the how the election was stolen AND Pfizer released 80,000 more pages of its report on the vax ….all information the left wants to hide.
  2. All the best to you! Texas is a very good place to be…
  3. my son moved to Austin last year. We just got back from a 2 week visit. we went to San Antonio also. Enjoyed it all. Where in Texas did you land?
  4. Petee is spot on…thank you ..beautifully written. there is no middle ground…anymore. The behavior and decisions of this administration..Democrats..are rapidly destroying America. There is no middle ground . We are fighting for our country. We are at war with Communist ideology, a deep state cabal that wants total control of the word. see Steve’s “TRUE GREAT AWAKENING” I believe the intent of the article was to get all Rep to shut up. I won’t..and if I want to speak up or put signs in my yard,..I will. I am keeping my First Amendment freedoms.period.
  5. I have been waiting for someone to post about this article. I found the article tasteless and classless and left wondering what the true reason was someone needed to gripe to a left wing rag. Yes, politics of today has split family and friends and has ended relationships because the rift between belief systems is monumental with many emotions. It will never go back to the way it was. The political divide will continue to grow wider and sadly, uglier. I live in very left, “ progressive” Fairfax county, Va. ( yes, can’t wait to get outta here!). It is the EXACT response between Republicans and Democrats here.!!! During the Trump administration, you would have thought Hitler was president. Hateful signs, bumper stickers, t shirt logos HATING Trump,telling you to “resist” was everywhere. Hateful language to and about Trump supporters was everywhere. Always in your face hatred. My husband and I lost friends because we are conservative . There was no “trying to get along” and all the kumbiyah stuff as Petee talked about..that did not and does not manifest here in this very Liberal area..The political divide, once not a big deal in between friends, now destroys. Time will not heal these wounds. Folks, these feelings of “ us vs. them” , Red vs Blue, Liberal vs Conservative…is everywhere and nationwide!! It is not just a DuBois thing..the divide is in all communities, all towns, all cities.., everywhere. You will not “make this go away” because of an article. Know that this divisive rift will continue to grow everywhere. How you treat each other is up to you. Behavior has consequences. It as appalling to read that Democrats interviewed referred to Trump supporters as living in shacks with broken down houses. How is that open minded and trying to get along? It looks like the Dems Of DuBois ( or Hazen) are equally as guilty..and snobs too. And if you are a snob, why should I give you the time of day? You just made yourself your own political prisoner because you judge others. (And dumb enough to put your name out there) Coming home to visit family and friends in Trump country is something I look forward to many times a year.. .For me, It is a breathe of fresh air. I also understand it is difficult to live in an area where politically the majority believe differently than you. It ain’t easy. So, deal with it. And to those Dems that are unhappy with the area, I invite you to think about a move to Pittsburgh, State College, Philadelphia or Northern Virginia. It will be your dream come true with “like minded” people to give you better things to do than call a libtard rag to “boo hoo” to.
  6. The post was not “ classless.” The pic summed up a piece of truth.
  7. I suspect this is a trap. I read the convoy will now be stopping in MD and not entering DC as not to get in the same situation as the Canadian truckers. I’m not sure what to believe… I live in the area and welcome the truckers to clog up the roads…snicker..snicker.. Can’t wait to watch people’s head explode with annoyance!!
  8. I am shocked and saddened to learn about Lyndsey33. I don’t recall her ever mentioning she was ill. I enjoyed her warrior and patriot spirit! So sad…:(
  9. That bridge collapsing in Pittsburgh is a false flag, imo. The odds of this happening the same day as old pedo Joe coming to push his "infrastructure" bill are pretty impossible. This was the FBI doin' their thing.. just sayin'.
  10. Allegedly, Mr Hanks is a pedofile...just sayin' what I read...
  11. Just read an article that an Afghan refugee was arrested at Quantico Marine Base in Virginia for sexually assaulting a 3 year old girl. Apparently, this behavior is allowed "in his culture, he explained." And....here we go.....the beginning of many problems to come....
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