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  1. You mean “ cheat” for…and unless every state examines the machines and changes the voting laws, nothing will change.. God help us..
  2. Wait a minute!! Lupara needs to share the honors with ....WATOOS!!!!
  3. Wow! This is outrageous! Start calling and emailing your representatives..daily
  4. ummm....no I will not. YOU are suppose to be safe now, right? So what are YOU so worried about if I choose not to get the jab? You are safe, right????
  5. Note to self: don’t buy a home on Jones Ct in TL
  6. Northern VA, suburb to the swamp, is solidly Democrat..aka libtard. You would be shocked at what the school board comes up with. I am glad my children are grown. I feel so sad for the parents in this area...it is a tough battle. God bless the parents.
  7. the collection basket must be short some funds...
  8. That’s what I thought! I would have expanded my place and not said anything!
  9. Wow! What are you smoking? You are joking...right?
  10. Interestingly, Elon Musk just reported he had 4 COVID tests done...2 came back positive and 2 were negative...he believes something bogus is going on here...
  11. I hope doctors in the area will prescribe the drug and pharmacies will fill it..some states have forbidden this drug to be prescribed.
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