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  1. From what was published in the paper a couple weeks ago, not much is going to happen on the left. If they had no intention of doing both sides exactly the same, I'm not sure why they moved forward with it at all.
  2. There was a PNC bank on the Boulevard right across from Sheetz. Is that the building? The only old S&T bank I know of that was around there was across from the DuBois City Building.
  3. I never had the chance to try it. The hours are very limited and they close super early.
  4. It's a matter of personal preference but it cannot stop you from contracting it. You could always split the difference and get it halfway between now and fall. What protection it does offer is after you already get it, according to them (I'm more of a I'll believe when I see it person).
  5. allboys


    It would go a long way to quit punishing those that are only defending themselves and actually punishing those that instigate the fight, verbal assaults, harassment. Our world went topsy turvy and we allowed it to happen. Those blanket zero tolerance policies removed the need for school administrators/principals to actually use their brains and make informed decisions. They just punish everyone the same and it teaches those at the receiving end that no matter what they do they get the short end of the stick. It teaches the ones on the giving end that it is fine to keep doing what they are doing, the person they do it to is going to get the same as they do (added bullying).
  6. allboys


    It doesn't matter if you initiate it or are defending yourself, you get charged just the same.
  7. allboys


    And in today's society, he would be charged the same as though he were the bully.
  8. The problem is idiots without brains and feelings of entitlement
  9. As if Biden wasn't flying them all over the country?
  10. So, what was the sentence? Did I miss that in the article? Never mind, it was in the tiny tiny print under the picture. So, "Judge Fischer scheduled sentencing for May 28, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. The law provides for a sentence at each count of 20 years in prison, a fine of $250,000, or both. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the actual sentence imposed is based upon the seriousness of the offenses and the prior criminal history, if any, of the defendant." 21 months? That was a slap on the wrist for the charges.
  11. That is definitely the proper position. They don't want the strap under the chin for reason. If a person is resisting and grabs the hat and it is under their chin there is a risk of them being choked with the strap. Take on this little trooper...
  12. They all act like they are driving an 18 wheeler instead of a car/van/truck/SUV. I've never had a problem or seen a problem with right turns at that light or any other either. I've have seen plenty of idiots that think the middle turning lane is just a lane to drive down and almost cause head on collisions.
  13. Well, some of us are, but that's a different apple cart.
  14. You still don't get it. 2 different pools of money. That is the point, beginning and end. They can't use the grant to fix the roads. That road is a state road, so the city isn't going to fix it no matter how much anyone whines about it. It isn't a CHOICE between the embankment and the road. It might be a choice between the embankment and another area of the town that is not a road.
  15. You seem to be comparing apples and oranges. All of the money used is from tax dollars, but it's not one giant pot of money they pull from and use where ever. The roads are a budget item for the city and state. A certain amount of tax dollars, either state or local, are allocated to each budget item. The local governing body adopts the budget and it takes a vote to reallocate funds within that budget. You can prefer to state where your tax dollars go all you want. However, your tax dollars that pay for the roads and your tax dollars that are paying for the bank are not in the same "pool" of tax dollars. The state also takes a certain amount of state tax money and sets it aside for grants available to every city, borough, municipality, etc in the state. These funds must be applied for with a grant proposal stating what they are going to use the funds for and they have zero leeway. You can have perfect roads, but if the surrounding area looks like a crumbling zombie town it won't matter because no one will be driving on those roads at all.
  16. It is not inside the lake. 255 is closed due to police activity. Clear Run Road was 1 lane yesterday for tree trimming and today too.
  17. Too bad it's not actually DuBois. Alas, that does look nicer than it currently looks though.
  18. I had to blow it up and squint at it. In today's digital age, you would think they would have been able to produce a better mock up than this. This is more like an elementary kid's painting.
  19. I think the part I circled is the water feature/fountain. It appears to be at the top of the stairs.
  20. Cypress Clocks & Gift Shop on Rt 36 South of Brookville
  21. Considering we purchased Alaska, if he wants to pay the US about $132,975,405.41 we could pretend to think about it.
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