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  1. You mean if their bodies are out of the picture right?
  2. Segregation based on vaccination status instead of race. Funny they can't see the parallels in what they are doing. How is it any less dangerous for a vaccinated person to catch and pass Covid? The vaccination might make the symptoms more mild for that person, but that doesn't mean it will be like that for who they pass it to, vaccinated or unvaccinated.
  3. A private business can require whatever they wish. If I object they won't get my business. That is plain. However, when you are talking about a medical treatment for a person that is ill...it is not the same thing. None of the "actual experts" you mention can agree, so whatever.
  4. It won't do us any good to remove him. Next in line is Harris and after that is Pelosi. Unless something takes all 3 out at the same time we are just screwed.
  5. Since it does not prevent a person from contracting or spreading it, their logic that the unvaccinated are a risk is ludicrous. As is the logic of anyone who believes that. That makes the choice to remove them unwarranted.
  6. My life insurance pays out for suicide as long as the policy was purchased over 2 years prior.
  7. It is impossible to tell what point is being made in your post. If it is the rate of stillbirths, 5 to 6 in a year is a wholly inaccurate number. From the statistics I looked up, they stillbirth rate is within the average range it has been over the previous 5 years.
  8. I don't see an issue with it. It is a public place for any religion to display holiday displays. It is their religion and their holiday display. Whether anyone agrees or disagrees it doesn't matter. Our country was founded on freedom from a nationally established religion. Shouldn't Christians seek to not pass judgement on others? As human beings, shouldn't the focus be on learning and understanding? Their fundamental beliefs are not the worship of Satan.
  9. I don't get your point. Office jobs are usually 7-3, 8-4, 9-5 or some variation similar in every industry. You are comparing apples to oranges when you compare office staff to nursing staff. When you enter any profession you know that weekends/holidays/nights/whatever is expected. If you don't want it, you don't go into that field.
  10. Ok, I have a question. Is Santa vaccinated or unvaccinated? Will he be visiting unvaccinated person's homes or they are just out of luck? Last question...am I able to request a few tons of coal be dumped on the White House lawn?
  11. Many species kill their own young for various reasons. Many species have just as much intelligence as human. Many individuals of other species have MORE intelligence than many individuals of the human species. Many species recognize flaws in their young that are born. Flaws they seek to end before they become issues later. Humans, they just wait for the young to grow up, incarcerate them, then kill them as adults. Much more barbaric.
  12. Do they breathe without assistance? YES Are they able to eat? YES. Therefore their bodies can sustain life without the life support provided by the mother.
  13. A newborn can breathe on it's own after the umbilical cord is cut. Elderly with dementia breathe on their own. Individuals on ventilator's might very well be able to breathe on their own, they just need assistance with increasing their oxygen flow. You really don't get the concept do you? I understand your username now.
  14. Many species kill their own young for various reasons.
  15. Those are women YOU know. That does not speak for every single woman in the US or on the planet. That does not make the statement a lie. In fact, refer back to another post.....it is an OPINION. You really have a problem understanding opinions.
  16. It can only be FULLY individual if it can sustain life on it's own.
  17. Try wrapping your mind around the psychological torture that a woman that is raped would experience every single minute of every single day for the entire length of a pregnancy. The constant reminder of what happened.
  18. I've had far less issues using my debit card than a credit card. The credit cards seem to pay less attention to my spending habits and those small purchase amounts. My debit card (bank) calls me immediately, or texts if the purchase is outside the norm. I have only had one issue and they gave my money back to me immediately.
  19. You are entitled to your opinion. Just as I am entitled to my opinion on your intelligence and maturity level.
  20. This is not for gas prices at the pump, you realize that right?
  21. They don't want to kill anyone, but that is exactly what will happen. When low income households, including senior citizens, cannot afford to heat their homes and look for alternatives...deaths will occur from carbon monoxide, fires, etc. When they stop turning their heat on because they cannot afford the bills and freeze to death. On and on. Each and every one of those deaths will be on Biden, Harris, Pelosi, even Wolf's head. They are all the responsible ones for this happening.
  22. So how many people will have to die from this before they realize what they have done?
  23. Hey! I feel insulted by the red head comment. LOL.
  24. Of course, the very first person that contracts the new variant is vaccinated.
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