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  1. I have never been asked if I have gotten a flu shot. I was never asked if I had my children vaccinated for the Flu. Never once was it pushed on me at all. Currently, every single one of my doctors has asked me ONCE if I have had the Covid vaccine. I told them no. They didn't push it, they didn't offer it, they haven't brought it up again. If they had pushed it, they would have one less patient. By your logic, you are only lied to if you believe the lie. So if your child tells you they haven't been drinking, they are only lying to you if you believe what they tell you? That i
  2. Yes, please practice what you are preaching. Also, it was all over the media, I'm not doing the work for you. You want the info, go find it, it's not hard.
  3. Nice try. There was zero spin in my post. I stated what the study found, so if there was any spin, it's the web you are working on.
  4. Moderna recently released their findings that the efficacy of their vaccine makes those vaccinated last year 2 times more likely to contract Covid than someone recently vaccinated. That pretty much means their vaccines are useless.
  5. Usually if you click on the 3 dots on the post you have the option to report the post to admins.
  6. I think you might find you would be wrong on that. The prevalence of latex allergies has made it so that most are going latex free.
  7. I have always said, if it is required by an employer as part of doing a job that is entirely different than the government mandating something for the citizen for just walking out their door. By the way...they don't require the use of latex gloves...gloves yes, not latex gloves.
  8. From what I can tell, they did an internet search and took the highest price they saw them selling for.
  9. I used to live a few houses from there. There isn't a medical or mechanical issue that could cause that damage.
  10. You might be on meth yourself if you got that out of any of my posts. Read again. So what is the failure of every component? If you know that you should be able to solve the case. Rumors, gossips, paranoid rantings.
  11. Right now I am speechless....that was a slap in the face to any woman that has ever experienced a stillbirth.
  12. That would be one hell of an eviction moratorium!
  13. NY hospital puts baby deliveries on hold as maternity workers quit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate Lewis County General Hospital will 'pause' baby deliveries after Sept. 24 By Stephen Sorace | Fox News Fox News Flash top headlines for September 12 A hospital in upstate New York will put baby deliveries on hold after too many workers in its maternity unit resigned over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to local reports. Lewis County General Hospital will be forced to temporarily st
  14. I wonder about the child that questioned his mother about why he had to wear a mask and others around him were not. His mother told him "those are the people that are going to die"
  15. I hope they taped it and play it in a loop for Joe Biden with a note placed on the wall behind it "This is how a leader should sound when speaking".
  16. Your point exactly? That is why studies are conducted and published...to back a hypothesis or opinion and are used as evidence based research. They also lead to more research. I don't care what side anyone is on...I'm on the side of freedom. You want to wear a mask, wear one. You don't want to, don't. However, quit dictating that everyone has to follow your way. (general you, not specific) Wolf claims that it is the those that are against masks that bullied others and caused this mandate to happen. Yet, he is doing the bullying and doesn't see the hypocrisy of it. If there
  17. and I am quite sure they would be happy to point a person in the correct direction. Excuses, gossip, excuses, gossip...and perhaps the information being "offered" by these internet gossips is unreliable...there is a novel idea....again, most likely gossip or the paranoid rantings of other drug addicts.
  18. Funny. The people that can reply on Reddit with supposed information and can't pick up the phone and offer a tip to local law enforcement. Gossip mill.
  19. The referencing of studies or experiments within an opinionated article do not make it a scientific study. A peer reviewed article published to a scientific journal is a scientific study. Yes, experiments and studies are opinionated studies. For it to be a scientific study you need a hypothesis, a controlled study, the results of the study, and a conclusion as to whether the hypothesis was proven or unproven. That is what makes it a reliable scientific study. Those are what get published and those are what should be used to back your opinion.
  20. a bunch of people that may or may not know what they are talking about. It's a massive discussion forum. Some topics you can gather useful information. Like 99% of the internet, it is a gossip mill for a lot of things.
  21. Sadly, unless a person wants the help, even if the world tried to help it would do no good. It is hard, it is work, and a person can try and try and try until they are blue in the face. The person has to make the decision they want the help.
  22. Well I know the one we were speaking of earlier most certainly is.
  23. What? No toilet paper? Not sure I can accept advice from someone that leaves that staple out.
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