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  1. If 80 isn't a road you want to travel 322 east
  2. Merry Christmas Mr D 🌲
  3. And they've had no cars available to rent in DuBois without a weeks long wait. Been this way quite awhile now.
  4. Tried using them !ast week, none there.
  5. Natalie is a friends niece ❤ Congratulations to both her and Emma!
  6. Goodwill doesn't take tv's anymore.
  7. block


    But they're not giving them 40 hours consecutive for 6 weeks to qualify for the sign on bonus is the issue. So say Sally works 5 weeks at 40 hours the 6th week they're cutting her back to 8 hours for that week, boom there goes her bonus. She then must start over again the fine print is CONSECUTIVE 6 WEEKS @ 40 HOURS
  8. block


    They should advise people to read the fine print! Most people dontr realize until that sign on bonus doesn't happen
  9. block


    I've hired many people for my company who have fallen for the LJS, BK, McDs promise of high wages and yes, they get the wage advertised but lucky to get 10 hours a week. Just hired a girl that worked at Taco Bell in another town made $13.50/hour and some weeks she only got 8 hours. The sign on bonus comes with fine print. In her case you must work 6 consecutive weeks 40 hours to get the bonus they advertise. Sadly its not as great as it seems.
  10. $3.63 at Brookville Sheetz this morning 🙄
  11. $3.44 at Sheetz Falls Creek tonight 7 pm
  12. So wrong, Yet the one who was in charge at CKM who was escorted out never another word about him and his misdeeds?
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