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  1. Obviously those poor kids need to be taken away from them. Who drops the kids off with someone who's hanging out playing the skills machine? And to me what's wrong with the business, allowing that, other than to make money off of this junkie
  2. Not jailed wth is wrong with our system???
  3. New Dollar Store going in there 👀
  4. Taking a week off soon June 14th. Not good with Travelocity etc. Trying to find a cheap but not raunchy beach suite in Ocean City MD must have a kitchen and must allow smoking (I know dont bash me) I know its late to be booking, but anyone know how to find a place like that? Or any ideas for not far away cheaper beach vacation last minute?
  5. WTAJ just said she pled guilty today and got 5 years? This makes me sick!
  6. Well they sure were flying to get roads closed for a broken back gate 😀
  7. Police flew down the Blvd. Scanner now says road closed signs placed at the country club and Bay Road also mentions Clear Run Rd. Turned over to TL Security now?
  8. By the sounds of the scanner, the idiots don't get it!
  9. block

    Faith Marie

    Prayers for Faith and all of you 💔
  10. Got 2 calls yesterday 1 showing restricted 1 showing private. They both left voicemails it was the Social Security Administration calling to say they had locked my SS number due to criminal activity associated with it. What was funny originally they showed as said, restricted and private but showed up in my call log as a 201 area code number. I realize it's a scam, but sad for those who don't get it and respond out of fear!
  11. Supposedly the truck driver backed into and pinned him. So so sad.
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