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  1. SAINT MARYS, Pa. (WTAJ) — An Elk County woman has been charged for supplying the drugs that led to the overdose death of a Saint Marys man in early October. According to the report, police arrived at the man’s home on October 8, 2020, where he was declared dead at the scene. He was found with baggies labeled “RX360 OUT OF STOCK” and witnesses reported that on Oct. 7, he went to 41-year-old Margaret Wisor’s home in Johnsonburg. During the course of the investigation, a search warrant was issued on Wisor’s home where money, handwritten ledgers, digital scales, heroin, meth, multiple ce
  2. Google Margaret Wisor and look what she was involved with last October pathetic she was still even on the streets. Read the link below 😡
  3. They were found this morning a little worse for the wear but ok and back with their family.
  4. 2 German short-haired pointers ran off for an adventure in the area off mtn run road in sabula. Both friendly and will come to u. Their names are Huck and Forest One is tall brown ticked and the other is young and dark with ticked coloring. Please call 814 771 2656 if found. Grand daughter is crying. Posting for a friend
  5. Obviously those poor kids need to be taken away from them. Who drops the kids off with someone who's hanging out playing the skills machine? And to me what's wrong with the business, allowing that, other than to make money off of this junkie
  6. Not jailed wth is wrong with our system???
  7. New Dollar Store going in there 👀
  8. Taking a week off soon June 14th. Not good with Travelocity etc. Trying to find a cheap but not raunchy beach suite in Ocean City MD must have a kitchen and must allow smoking (I know dont bash me) I know its late to be booking, but anyone know how to find a place like that? Or any ideas for not far away cheaper beach vacation last minute?
  9. WTAJ just said she pled guilty today and got 5 years? This makes me sick!
  10. Well they sure were flying to get roads closed for a broken back gate 😀
  11. Police flew down the Blvd. Scanner now says road closed signs placed at the country club and Bay Road also mentions Clear Run Rd. Turned over to TL Security now?
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