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  1. SAD
    block reacted to Bon in We Lost 2 Long Time Members   
    Friday PStan passed away at his home. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
    This morning Retired Outlaw passed away at home. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
  2. AGREE
    block reacted to BillyC in 8 MEN FREAKING OUT RIGHT ABOUT NOW....and their friends   
    She should do that. However she'll probably end up deceased and not of her own free will.
  3. AGREE
    block reacted to Bon in Superload To Move Through Central Pa., Drivers Urged To Take Caution   
    Why didn’t they move it across NY interstate then drop down into PA by Erie?
  4. HAHA
    block reacted to Basset3 in Bare Shelves   
    Look at this store...the shelves are well stocked.

  5. HAHA
    block reacted to Tiramisu in Bare Shelves   
  6. AGREE
    block reacted to BigT in Cameras not working   
    The cameras are working fine on PA DOT 511 website!
  7. SAD
    block reacted to Bon in Structure Fire - Bennezette   
    It was the Winslow Hill Bed & Breakfast. 😢
  8. HAHA
    block reacted to Tiramisu in Joe Biden   
  9. AGREE
    block reacted to jaman in Chinese Germ Warfare   
    Wake up!  First it was Covid 19. Then Delta. Then Omicron. What the next Name?  FAUCI needs fired immediately. He iis a Co conspirator. He helped develop these viruses at Wuhan with AMERICAN tax money. Where's the Go Dubois Liberal Trinity? OOPS! TRump is no longer in office.  Trump is just enjoying choking your chain. And they are falling for it. Especially the Suburuban Soccermoms who were devestated by Trump tweets.
  10. CRAZY
    block reacted to mr.d in Punxsy Man Jailed After Allegedly Assaulting Elderly Mother With Ashtray   
    Punxsy man jailed after allegedly assaulting elderly mother with ashtray
    LOCAL NEWS by: Bill Shannon
    Posted: Dec 31, 2021 / 11:37 AM EST / Updated: Dec 31, 2021 / 11:46 AM EST PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (WTAJ) — State Police arrested a Punxsutawney man after they say he threw an ashtray at his elderly mother, causing paramedics to be called.
    Rodney Silvis, 62, of Punxsutawney was taken into custody on Christmas eve after Jefferson County EMS called for police to come to the home on S. Main Street. Upon arriving, troopers noted that the 86-year-old mother had a cut to her head and she related that her son, Rodney, threw a glass ashtray at her.
    Silvis was placed in Jefferson County Prison and is now facing felony aggravated assault charges. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 4, 2022.
  11. HAHA
    block reacted to mr.d in IRS Says Income From Stolen Goods And Illegal Activities Must Be Reported On Taxes   
    TAXES   Published just in IRS says income from stolen goods and illegal activities must be reported on taxes
    The IRS says bribes and kickbacks must also be reported
    By Kyle Morris | Fox News Fox News Flash top headlines for December 29
    Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Foxnews.com
    BeyondWords Whether you stole a car this year, accepted a bribe, or were involved in any other illegal activities which provided you with income, the Internal Revenue Service says you must report it when you file your taxes.
    In an online list of requirements titled IRS Publication 17, the IRS says, "income from illegal activities, such as money from dealing illegal drugs" must be included on a taxpayer's 2021 filings. It is to be included in Schedule 1 (Form 1040), line 8z, or on Schedule C (Form 1040) if from a self-employment activity.

    The exterior of the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington. (AP)
    The IRS also noted that thieves must report the value of the goods they stole, unless the goods are returned to the "owner in the same year."
    "If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income in the year you steal it unless you return it to its rightful owner in the same year," the IRS stated.

    Internal Revenue Service federal building Washington DC (iStock)
    The requirements also made clear that if you receive a bribe, you must "include it in your income" and said that taxpayers must also "include kickbacks, side commissions, push money, or similar payments" on Schedule 1 or Schedule C.
    In a post shared to Facebook on Tuesday, the Erie County Sheriff's Office in Buffalo, New York, offered support for "all car thieves" who need an itemized list of the property they stole, so it can be reported on their income taxes.

    A woman fills out an Individual Income Tax Return form (iStock)
    "Attention all car thieves. The stuff you stole from people's vehicles in 2021 must be claimed on your income taxes," the sheriff's office wrote. "If you need an itemized list of property call us at 716.858.2903 & a Deputy or Detective will be happy to meet you with the list. It would be our pleasure."
    Fox News reached out to the IRS, but did not receive an immediate response.
    block got a reaction from mr.d in MERRY CHRISTMAS   
    Merry Christmas Mr D 🌲
  13. OMG!
    block reacted to mr.d in Court Rules Search Warrant Unconstitutional In 2018 Child Porn Case, Vacates Sentence   
    Court Rules Search Warrant Unconstitutional in 2018 Child Porn Case, Vacates Sentence
    by Jessica Shirey    Tuesday, December 21, 2021   in Crime, Local News, Top Stories    0    0 (Photo by GANT News Editor Jessica Shirey)
    Share on FacebookShare on Twitter     A state Superior Court panel recently ruled a search warrant executed as part of a Clearfield County child pornography investigation in 2018 was unconstitutional.
    The panel was comprised of three judges: Daniel D. McCaffery and Megan King, who were in concurrence, and Maria McLauglin, who issued a dissenting memorandum statement.
    578.3 US To Release Oil Reserves To Lower Gas Pri Dennis P. Hudgens, 65, was found guilty of 50 counts of felony possession of child pornography and criminal conspiracy after a jury trial in August of 2019.
    He was sentenced by Judge Paul Cherry to 30 to 60 years in state prison Nov. 19, 2019. The Superior Court has also ordered Hudgens’ 30-year minimum sentence be vacated.
    According to court documents, the investigation began in October of 2018 after state police obtained child pornography from a file sharing site.
    A search warrant was subsequently obtained for the IP address possessing the file in Frenchville, which was found to be the residence of Hudgens’ co-defendant, Anthony Terrizzi.
    The warrant obtained and executed on Dec. 20, 2018 was to “search the property for all computer hardware and software, cellular phones, tablets and storage devices.”
    While on-scene, troopers discovered Hudgens’ tent about 20 yards from Terrizzi’s residence. Hudgens was patted down prior to an interview and troopers discovered an SD card in his pants pocket.
    The warrant resulted in the discovery of thousands of images and videos containing child pornography and the arrests of Terrizzi and Hudgens.
    Hudgens’ attorney filed a pre-trial motion July 22, 2019 to suppress the search warrant and the search of his tent and body. That motion was denied.
    Hudgens has since appealed from the judgment of his sentence, arguing the search warrant wrongly gave state troopers the authority to search “all persons present.”
    “Because the trial court erred in denying suppression, we reverse the suppression order and vacate the judgment of sentence,” McCaffery wrote in his majority opinion.
    “We hold the search warrant’s ‘all persons present’ clause was unconstitutional because the warrant lacked particularized facts to justify a search of ‘all persons present.’
    “The search of appellant (Hudgens) and his tent was improper.”  But prosecutors countered with the argument that “all persons present” warrants have been upheld in drug investigations.
    Prosecutors indicated that the basis of the warrant was child pornography being uploaded at the IP address associated with the residence
    “This creates a direct nexus between all of the people present and the probable cause for the warrant.”
    Police, according to the majority opinion, only had evidence of one, two-month-old child pornography upload prior to their search in December of 2018.
    “Further, there is no indication that (Hudgens) was present in the house when the upload that initiated this investigation was made …,” McCaffery wrote.
    He also said there’s no indication that Hudgens had access to the Internet, such that the IP address associated with the upload should have been associated with his tent in any way.
    “Thus, there is no nexus between the tent and the purpose of this investigation,” McCaffery concluded.
    McLaughlin dissented, stating “I believe that the trial court did not abuse its discretion when it denied Hudgens’ motion to suppress the results of the search he underwent.
    “Unlike the majority, I would find that the warrant was valid, and therefore, the search did not violate Hudgens’ constitutional rights. I would affirm the trial court’s denial of Hudgens’ motion to suppress.”
    “This court set forth Pennsylvania’s well-established law concerning ‘all persons present’ warrants in Commonwealth v. Hawkins,” McLaughlin wrote.
    “There we held that although ‘all persons present’ warrants are generally disfavored, they are constitutional if based on a sufficient nexus between the person to be searched, the location and the original activity suspected.”
    McLaughlin believes that the majority has expanded the requirements necessary for issuance and approval of an “all persons present” warrant.
    “Pennsylvania law does not require a finding that the illegal activity so permeate the location that persons not involved would find it noxious to linger there, nor even that the location be dedicated to the illegal activity.”
    Clearfield County District Attorney Ryan Sayers said he is challenging the Superior Court ruling and it will undergo a review.
  14. AGREE
    block reacted to Paradox in Court Rules Search Warrant Unconstitutional In 2018 Child Porn Case, Vacates Sentence   
    What is wrong with those judges?! 
  15. AGREE
    block reacted to Bon in Court Rules Search Warrant Unconstitutional In 2018 Child Porn Case, Vacates Sentence   
    What a bunch of cow pucky!!
  16. AGREE
    block got a reaction from BillyC in Punxsy Woman Busted With Meth In Brookville Claims She No Longer Speaks English   
    Right?  Not funny, but wow.
  17. AGREE
    block reacted to jaman in BUDS Gardeners Christmas Tree Vandalism   
    These vandals better watchout in Today's World. They may go to the wrong place and get their medicine. And then their would be outrage because of the response..
  18. HAHA
    block reacted to BillyC in Punxsy Woman Busted With Meth In Brookville Claims She No Longer Speaks English   
    That is a bizarre story
  19. HAHA
    block reacted to fedup in Clearfield County Sheriff's Office Issues Warrant List   
    You have to feel kinda good if you don't know any of them.
  20. LIKE
    block reacted to Gold Brick in Jobs Report WTF   
    Those aren't new jobs, they are jobs people are finally going back to because the t!t ran dry. Nice try, hope too many didn't fall for the B.S.
  21. HAHA
    block reacted to Tiramisu in Entirely New Covid Variant   
  22. HAHA
    block reacted to Titan in Entirely New Covid Variant   
    You can bet the liberals will be shoving each other to make  the front of the line for the new clot shot "designed" for this one too!
    To them it will be like planting a folding chair on the sidewalk for the Community Days parade.
  23. AGREE
    block reacted to Gator11 in Entirely New Covid Variant   
    this will continue forever. Im betting they made this one too.
  24. LIKE
    block reacted to BillyC in DuBois City To Fine Owners Of Abandoned, Blighted Properties   
    I thought there was an ordinance passed many years ago (because i went to a council meeting and requested that something needs done) that someone that starts working on a property and is the owner can't just keep saying it's an ongoing project. Why wait a year? Anyone now can just buy a property at a really low price and let it sit for a few years and do nothing? And then wait for the city to buy it?
  25. HAHA
    block reacted to Basset3 in how do you get a job like this   
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