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  1. I don’t know Mr Jeffers at all nor do I know what he does for a living so I can’t speak about him whatsoever. I do know Mr Gray to be a man of extreme kindness, generosity and faith. He (and his family) have done much good in this community and around the world (over the years) with his life and resources. Whatever his relative said to you has nothing whatsoever to do with Mr Gray or his opinion of consolidation and frankly, saying “follow the money” just sounds like grasping at straws. 🙄Your comment reads like being born into money (something he certainly had no control over) makes him inherently bad or something but I can’t agree with that point based on my knowledge of the man. It seems small and beneath you to imply that. Regarding your position on consolidation: I truly can’t imagine your thought process. The differences between day to day life in Sandy vs DuBois are virtually nil. DuBois is not metropolitan NYC with Sandy playing the role of bucolic farmland. Those who live in the city aren’t gearing up to rush into Sandy twp with crack pipes and thugs, looting and pillaging and wantonly plucking chickens the minute they consolidate. Is there the potential for the area to grow into more as a consolidated entity? Of course, that’s the point really but a giant metropolis isn’t going to spring fully formed from the ground the next day. Indeed, most likely never. I think what we’re all hoping for is to STOP fighting, duplicating services and bringing old grudges (whatever they may be) to the governance of this community and START working together, saving money, repairing the infrastructure for all and creating a place where people can and want to live in peace and prosperity for a lifetime. At 73 you probably won’t see any meaningful change to your lifestyle should consolidation pass. I can’t figure out truly why you would not want more for the community as a whole than yourself as an individual.
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    I’m glad to see the positive responses and I am so encouraged by the fact that Sandy twp is opening the conversation. Maybe this will finally happen.
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    http://m.thecourierexpress.com/news/sandy-twp-to-initiate-consolidation-talks-with-city-of-dubois/article_b8ff0d26-f92c-5c3d-9aa5-6d7487c7e24b.html What do you think?
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    Hooligans opened right around the time I was 21 so that would have been 1985 or so. I remember going to Pappy's when I was in high school but I can't tell you exactly when it closed. It was where PNC is although I don't think PNC is the original structure.
  5. I'm a little nervous about the Seresto too but I've heard very good reports from some of my dog owner friends so I'm going to give it a try. I've never noticed any different behavior from my dogs after the Advantix II but I don't doubt that all of these things have side effects.
  6. According to my vet Frontline is no longer particularly effective in this area. She recommends K9 Advantix II for fleas and ticks. It's what I've used for the past couple years and have had no problems. I'm switching to Seresto collars though since I'm terrible about remembering to put on the monthly topicals on time. Hopefully they work!
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