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  1. Not only did my lilacs start to drop their leaves right after they flowered but the apple trees are dropping their leaves early. A large elderberry is almost totally leafless. While this could be some sort of fungus or bacterial disease my guess is it is stress. There are too many different varieties acting in exactly the same way for it to be a single disease. We have had very high temperatures with torrential rains. Excess heat slows photosynthesis. The trees are so stressed out that they can't support leaves. The apple trees are holding on to their fruit but the fruit is small. The trees
  2. I stand by my comment. How many times have any of us been taken to task for something for which we had no blame? So what? Unless there is a monetary cost, jail time, or loss of reputation what harm is done? Hurt feelings seem to be something that people just can't deal with anymore. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. Que sera, sera. She was the only one who actually knew about it until she made it public knowledge. No damage, just hurt feelings. The person who left the note was an idiot or misinformed but how did she punish him by making it public? She had no name and
  3. So she fixed a stupidity by committing another? Her feelings got hurt so she whined? Two people who both need to grow up and accept that annoyances come to us all.
  4. Please consider that these people wear masks as a part of their occupations. They get paid to do those jobs. The masks are like work boots, bullet proof vests or uniforms. The people who wear them for their jobs do not wear them for church, the theater or what have you. They wear them willingly so they can safely do the jobs that they are paid to do. How do you equate that with healthy people being forced to wear masks to go about their daily business if they do not wish to wear them? They should not need an excuse. Let us apply the principle that you are innocent until proven guilty. You shou
  5. I hope that she got some satisfaction out of the fact that the people who died at Shanksville were a diverse lot. Death doesn't much care if you are black, white or purple. Her agenda was totally out of place. It is a place of mourning. Keep race out of it.
  6. Wear a wig and count yourself lucky that you aren't wearing it because of cancer treatments.
  7. Time for another Patrick Henry to lead the revolt of the those who want control of their own bodies and minds. "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775 "If death is the consequence of freedom so be it!" Quite a few of us, September 10, 2021
  8. This probably is true. it's like antibiotics in a way. Keeping the original strain of a virus or bacteria from reproducing allows for the proliferation of a mutant strain. The mutant strain may or may not be sensitive to the vaccine. This is why they can't come up with a vaccine for the common cold or a single flu vaccine. My doctor told me that this the problem with a vaccine for Lyme Disease as well. Haven't checked that but I'll believe him until I find out otherwise.
  9. And call them "insurrectionists" attempting to form their own army.
  10. Removing Japanese barberry from your yard isn't going to remove the tick population from your yard. One of the prime culprits for harboring the tick is the white tailed mouse as well as other mammals that live in burrows. The white tailed mouse is one of the prime carriers for the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. The ticks and their offspring feed on the mice in the winter. You and the deer are summer food. The ticks like shade so that is where they congregate. You are just as likely to find them hiding in tall grass, hedgerows or deep woods. I got my first tick picking leeks not pruning bar
  11. Kudzu? What planting zone do you live in? The stuff I am recommending is native to or grows in DuBois, PA which is a chilly zone 5. You might want to contact a gardening club or the Master Gardeners in your planting zone. You would then get practical rather than theoretical advice. I don't think kudzu would make it through our winters.
  12. If you are looking for privacy you might consider some tall grasses like the Miscanthus grasses. They do reseed and they grow better if you cut the dead stuff back in the spring. It looks as that might be dappled sunlight so you might try some understory trees like dogwood. Mountain laurel might grow there or Clethra alnifolia aka summer sweet might do well. I have summer sweet growing with elderberry. That might work as well. There are native viburnums that like that sort of environment. I would suggest that you research thickets that will grow on a slope. That looks as though it might be a
  13. If you have an area where you can let a ground cover run undisturbed there are a number of things that might work. These are things that you can't kill and need no care which is what you want if it is a steep slope. There are other things that might look prettier but they aren't as hardy and will need care. Are deer a consideration? Check that whatever you plant isn't going to be fodder for animals. Creeping juniper....evergreen. There are various cultivars and it grows fairly fast. Likes sun or partial shade Winter creeper......sun or shade Kind of a woody vine. I have this one gr
  14. until
    The Down to Earth Garden Club will be meeting Thursday, August 26 at 7:00 pm. at Christ Lutheran Church, 875 Sunflower Drive. Work parties for September will be set up. There will also be a policy statement to be discussed. For more information call 371-8672 or 375-9528, email downtoearthgardenclub@hotmail.com or contact the group through Facebook or the garden club webpage at www.downtoearthgardenclub.org
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