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  1. Not to mention that parents no longer have the right to pack what they see fit in their children's lunches. Nor do children have the right to defend themselves when attacked. Being Caucasian is the equivalent to original sin. Critical Race Theory is fact. Their belongings are searched before they can enter the building. Six year old kids get accused of sexual harassment for holding hands. Wear masks. Don't sing Jingle Bells because it refers to bells slaves had to wear. Don't pray. Feel free to join the After School Satan Club. All schools should have a sign at the front door saying All Who Enter Here Should Check Their Brains at the Front Office.
  2. Do you have to block them manually or does the app block them? I can block numbers on the cell phone but the same spammers just keep switching numbers. It's an unending nuisance.
  3. Next best thing to a moat. Nobody is driving a vehicle loaded with explosives into the building. The powers that be certainly are running scared. Wonder why?
  4. We got new AT&T phones recently and there is a call blocker on them. Spam calls are blocked and all other callers have to announce their name. You then have the option of picking up or not. If you program in a friends number this feature is eliminated. Very few calls get through and none of them are from India. No more men who barely speak English telling me that their name is "Mike." I highly recommend these phones.
  5. There is an old saying, "Those who can do. Those who can't teach." I'd like to amend it to "Those who can do. Those who can't go into politics." Or get political jobs. Maybe we should start electing people who have been successful in life to run the country rather than those who want a secure, well paying job from which they can finesse their way into fortunes.
  6. The way I see it is that I verify facts to the best of my ability even when just posting on here so I have the right to expect my elected (or appointed) leaders to do the same. The American voter should have the same expectations. When I get too senile to do so I hope that Steve will delete my account or send me to a corner where I can babble to myself. The same should be done with those "superior" beings who are supposedly running the country.
  7. They are $15 in drugstores when you can find them. The federal government is buying 500 million of them to hand out free. That is half a billion. Wish I had stock in pharmaceuticals.
  8. These "for life" appointments have got to go. When you no longer have the capacity to verify facts it is time to retire. It is more frightening that she sits on the Supreme Court.
  9. It's scary who gets to carry a gun. Is it too much to expect that a hunter would have some idea of what the animal he is hunting looks like? How could you mistake a bull elk for a doe? I hope he at least counts legs so he doesn't get one of his fellow hunters.
  10. Maybe he should have been more careful about what he wished for.
  11. I think that that has always been a law. It's what got Al Capone plus a lot of other gangsters.
  12. Another educator who can't read or comprehend. The lyrics are: Dashing through the snow On a one horse open sleigh O'er the fields we go, Laughing all the way Bells on bob tail ring, making spirits bright What fun it is to laugh and sing A sleighing song tonight A bob tail is an animal with a shortened tail either through genetics or docking. Presumably in this case it is a horse since it is pulling a sleigh. I'm betting that no slave ever had his tail docked for the simple reason that humans don't have tails. Therefore not referring to a slave who is pulling a sleigh. Teachers were not this dumb when I went to school. Just discovered that sleigh bells were used as a warning system that the sleigh was approaching and a path should be cleared. Sleighs apparently take awhile to get stopped while "dashing through the snow."
  13. There has to be some dementia involved here. No one could be this stupid.
  14. It has been many years since legislators were willing to do what is best for the country rather than what is best for a minority or special interest group or themselves. This is why there are so many laws and programs that many voters see as "special laws for special folks" and therefore unfair. It seems to be impossible to explain to younger people that this divides people and results in resentment toward "special" groups. It is even more impossible to explain that some of the economic decisions made to cushion what are perceived as the underprivileged are undermining the economy and the will to work. It is all very well to insist that the top 1% and probably more likely the working people support those who are in need but why should those who prefer not to get up and go to work should force themselves to do so if they are handed the wherewithal to live? I think that the handouts accompanying Covid have proven this. Why go out and work at a job that is hard work and you hate if someone will feed and provide housing for you? Yet these jobs need to be done to support the economy that provides the money that provides the benefits. I'm baffled as to why young people can't see this? Their lack of logic and inability to understand economics makes my head hurt. These are the voters that will be deciding the future of the nation and it doesn't look good.
  15. That is a great picture! It would make a wonderful Christmas card.
  16. Sometimes you do reap what you sow. I still do not understand why they called the police. Why should they request protection from what they obviously consider to be a corrupt, overarmed, violent organization? Do we have an emoji for irony?
  17. This is one of the reasons harvesting your own medicinal herbs is dangerous or even dosing yourself from an on-line supplier. There are no FDA standards for herbal medicines so the industry relies on self testing or none. As you say that which you harvest yourself may be of any given strength on any given day to say nothing of misidentification or contaminants. There are herbalists who have made natural medicine their study. There is also one doctor that I know of in town who is knowledgeable and will discuss it. It is a far safer route than believing strangers with no qualifications other than a means of making and uploading a video. U-tube is a great source of info if you want to take your vacuum cleaner apart. I wouldn't trust my health or welfare to the advice given therein. I have made it my motto to not be the first one who crosses a bridge that was built after watching a U-tube video. There are some areas in which a qualified professional is necessary.
  18. A cult is a cult is a cult. The problems are the same whether it is a religious cult or a secular one.
  19. I believe I posted this before with references to no avail. I guess you need some knowledge of chemistry to understand the difference between a man made chemical and ones found in nature. You can buy quinine without a prescription or buy the bark (Cinchona officinalis) from which quinine can be extracted (this is where it came from "naturally") as aspirin can be extracted from willow bark. Ibuprofen however is not found in nature but is the result of a chemical reaction. The same with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquin. Chloroquine is described thusly, "Chloroquine is an aminoquinoline that is quinoline which is substituted at position 4 by a [5-(diethylamino)pentan-2-yl]amino group at at position 7 by chlorine." This is the alteration of a molecule via a chemical process. You don't change a complex molecular structure by boiling it and you can't extract something that doesn't occur in nature from a natural source. These substances can only be made in laboratories by fiddling with the molecular structure. I suppose people are going to believe what they want to believe despite proof to the contrary. There is a lot of that going around lately. I wonder how many people die of ignorance every year? Quote is from National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information
  20. Hate, hate, hate, those trees. They sucker like crazy and you can't kill the suckers. I'm betting that even if you cut them down the roots will continue to put up shoots for all eternity. Roaches, rats and Bradford pears will survive the apocalypse.
  21. until

    For those who still have gift wrapping to be done the DTEGC will be at the mall Wednesday the 22 and Thursday the 23. That's it folks! Five o'clock Thursday will be your last opportunity. No, there will not be anyone to help you out Christmas Eve. Sorry!
  22. Just take it all "with a grain of salt." Personally, I include the info I get from the medical profession especially the ones connected with the government.
  23. I'm afraid it is too late for donkeys and elephants. We need camels and 3 wise men or more if they can be found.
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