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  1. The wining ticket was sold in Ohio. Go to work. We didn't win.
  2. Labor Day is my holiday.
  3. The owner cant find enough warm bodies to run the place. Damn shame. He has a good thing going.
  4. I wouldn't know however, I do believe the short fellow to the far left is Ignatius.
  5. I tell my wife that all of the time.
  6. The snow doesn't bother me. Dont even mind driving in it. Its the below zero part that gets to me. I get slow and cranky. And to think I used to make fun of people who go to Florida in the winter.
  7. He's a limp, wristed liberal. What else was he gonna do? Hold his ground?
  8. Hey. Your ass is retired.
  9. I think its great. Probably wont change a thing. Shame. Canada used to be a pretty cool country.
  10. Yup. Still kickin. God didnt want me and hell was full.
  11. This weather sucks. That is all.
  12. 3.65 in Warren. 60 bucks in the tank almost daily in the work truck. I don't like to let it go below half a tank to avoid sticker shock. 😐 On a positive note. I have yet to see a decrease in traffic. 🤷‍♀️
  13. old3dogg


    This was on one of my accounts today. I guess these stickers are showing up on gas pumps as well.
  14. Starting wage is important. One must also ask about extra benefits. Before we were married my wife, who is self employed, was paying 400 a month for health insurance. I'm fortunate. My company does not require any payment from me for insurance other than co payments and deductibles.
  15. Oh. One more thing. Forcing children to wear masks is nothing more than child abuse. You are a monster if you feel otherwise. I'm off for some French toast and bacon.
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