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  1. I dont believe people on here are that stupid except for maybe a couple Biden voters
  2. The USA is falling apart under Bidens command or lack thereof. We have illegals pouring in on our southern border, mass shooting are rising, gas prices are skyrocketing, Iranians ships harrasing our navy, China thumping its chest at us etc.
  3. All I hear is a twang when the guitar string snaps. Although it never gets old haha wo-u-u-u-uh Frog went a-kkkkk-courtin', and he did ride, kkkkkk-crambone Frog went a-kkkkk-courtin', and he did ride, kkkkkk-crambone Frog went a-kkk-courtin', and he did ride. With a sword and a pppf-ppf-pf-pp(pistol) revolver by his side. kkkkkk- crambone crambo killed a-la-la-ra-ra-ro-r-ro-rooo-ffff-floppppa-dooodle tu-lla-dee tu- la-dee...... thats a hard part right in there n-n-nephew.... crambo killed a-la-la-ra-ro floppppa-
  4. I saw this on facebook on a farm and market group. ************************** By Kimberly Bruce This plant is killing songbirds across North America! If you have one or see one with berries, cut off the berries and compost them. Nandina domestica (heavenly bamboo) is from China and so our birds mistake it for a food source. The seeds contain a ton of cyanide and cause a swift and extremely painful death. I cut the berries off my neighbours yesterday, but he said he has already found a few dead birds. Such a simple thing could save hundreds of lives. https://www.ncbi
  5. children and youth should be called. She obviously has psychological issues.
  6. and yet our own Governor said just the opposite. I always assumed if you got called back you had to go or lose your benefits and then old Wolf comes out and says the opposite. So if someone loses their unemployment for not going back can they sue Governor Wolf for stating they did not. I am thinking he should have had the true info before opening his dumbass mouth
  7. and what is a livable wage? Certain jobs are entry level jobs and if you want better pay then you educate yourself and learn a skill worthy of more money. So if they do increase peoples pay to let's say $15 what happens to those that are making $15 now or even $20. You just basically decreased their livable wage because the costs of goods will increase. Also why would anyone making $15 now using a skill stay where they are at when they can just flip burgers and get the same pay without the harder work. Every time the minimum wage is increased so do the costs of everything e
  8. well murder or manslaughter if it were my family she killed then I have to say she would be dead also by some means and good luck finding out who or how as no one would find the body.
  9. Democrats do not want anyone with more intelligence advancing ahead of their base. They want everyone dumb and dependent on government.
  10. Here is an interesting fact. Maybe Maxine can protest this. DOJ Report: For Black Victims of Violent Crime, 70.3% of Offenders Are Fellow Blacks The same report showed that blacks comprise the largest percentage (27.5%) of violent criminal offenders against Asian-Americans. On the flip side, less than 0.1% of Asians are involved in violent crimes against blacks.
  11. Do what the police say and there will be less criminals killed. They do the crime then accept their punishment if they cannot obey the police.
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