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  1. Gator11


    hmmm. i am not sure why they had to say poop so many times. Although if I had a choice of watching this commercial or Biden talking crap well the commercial wins
  2. When people stop getting free money they will want to find jobs only to find none around because businesses had to close.
  3. That trellis costs me around $50 for the cattle panel and 4 posts. I made the boxes on the sides from wood I had and then spent around $15 for the garden soil.
  4. update on the garden. We need more sun and less rain that is for sure but all in all still not bad. Tomatoes are growing up the cattle panel with a little bit of help but looks like we can harvest easier this year without stepping on plants and tomatoes.
  5. Trellis is doing exceptional. The plants are growing well. They are getting more sun than the one I have at my house and it shows. Cucumbers are starting just in the past few days and she has some watermelon starting
  6. Gator11

    CDC: Masks

    That is because he cannot not mandate it now.
  7. notice you don't hear any of Bidens supporters on here praising his actions.
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