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  1. it is called a mental institution or as the layman call it California
  2. nothing on main stream media. They couldn't get enough of the Johnny Depp trial but crickets when it came to her trial. Also where is the list of names in her book. Clinton was one of the top visitors I bet. Release the names and execute all those pedophiles.
  3. well that is not surprising. The left is full of perverts and sick individuals.
  4. Success. I tried lettuce before and never had any real success at the head variety. Someone told me they don't get heads they just call all the leaves heads. well I proved them wrong this year. I decided to try the head variety again and here is the result on about 4 or 5 of them. Some didn't get heads they just grew the leaves out like Romaine. Next year they will be planted a little further apart if the world is still around then.
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    After some soul searching I was thinking the same thing. The lesser of two evils. A third party vote or even leaving it blank means a better chance for Fetterman. That thought just repulses me that he could win. So hopefully Oz will not disappoint but we will see.
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