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  1. Thanks for your help, appreciated.
  2. Anyone know who the admins are, some nasty remarks on there today
  3. Prayers ... know that the Lord is with you.
  4. Dont know probably 1 in every town...Think I saw 1 in Johnstown or Altoona. Good "disagreement " today. No name calling or verbal slamming, just a difference of opinion from a small group of people. And it will continue to go on. Just think the mask mandate is not such a bad thing...it should even keep colds and flu at a minimum. Too bad the kids are in the middle of it.
  5. I could say, show me proof that a mask did not save a life or an unvaccinated person did not pass the virus to someone else.It is all debatable, I suppose.
  6. We are all entitled to our opinions and I do respect that. I have to respectfully disagree with you about the vaccine and to a certain extent the mask wearing. I do beleive the vaccine has made a difference as seen in the numbers. The masks, I say just wear them. It's not such a terrible request that may save a life. Reminds me of the no smoking law in business's, even now, out side at beaches. Parks etc.
  7. I'm sorry, I don't see the problem with the mask wearing. Explanation?
  8. Anyone know why Subway by Sandy bridge was closed yesterday??
  9. mollycan


    Typically what is charged for cutting grass.? Would take approximately 1 hour.
  10. PLEASE ALL buildings with U.S flags, not only Federal and State, that are able to, lower your flags in observance and respect of lives lost in the Afganistan conflict. Fire Companys, any organizations, business's etc. Please honor our Service men and Women in this sad time.
  11. Jodi and staff are sure having a rough time of it Hang in there, lots of people rooting for you!
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