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  1. mollycan


    Such a shame, I think most of us agree it looks and feels terrible. So sad, the flower pots are nice , but does not replace the warmth and beauty of trees.
  2. I would call Frank's and ask. Many years ago!
  3. Awwsuch a cute kitty, did you find her home. Thank you for taking her in.
  4. Wear a mask,( if you don't have respiratory problems) social distance, wash your hands, be kind, be considerate. at the least we all can and need to do this
  5. I do understand this. I just think some times saying nothing is better.
  6. I hate to hear such uncaring remarks. Is it really necessary. My heart goes out to these familys'
  7. You do understand that if I have a mask on the mask is to protect you.
  8. I hope it does not turn worse again. I do not understand people fighting the mask, its a preventative, just do it, are they also refusing to wash their hands. We're supposed to be working togeather, not fighting, kind of sad that some just want to argue the point.
  9. Everyone has their own opinion and I am all for that ,just saying, don't make "Light" of the situation, health and job wise, being cautious is not a bad thing. Going overboard either way is not the answer.
  10. Finding it really sad that people are making a joke of all this. If you had lost a loved one to this virus, or unsure about your job I don't think it would be a joke or thinking its really not happening. God Bless all who are "Helpers" and all Familys who have been hurt by this Virus. Please, follow the rules, we don't want to do this all over again.
  11. mollycan


    For reasons given and others, I wish but I don't believe this could work.
  12. My problem being, I understand nothing about streaming, where do you begin?
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