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  1. Remember when the Lyons, not sure of spelling, had the chicken barbecue every Fathers day. Quite popular.
  2. 2 plus the 2 boosters I beleive
  3. Unfortunate the local newspaper, does not print the entire article of local happenings on FB,such as the "Centennial" Friday and Saturday. More people may see it and attended with more info and it would benefit our town.
  4. Things have changed over the years, and yes some for the better
  5. To you also..Thankyou
  6. Get well soon. You will be in my Prayers
  7. Thank you...Happy New Year!
  8. Thank you so much. I can not post on any comments could this be the problem?
  9. Dogs are gonna bark..fact of life. Now if it goes on for a lengthy time period, then there's a problem. Call the authority's. I would be afraid the dog was not being cared for.
  10. Anyone else having problems with facebook ?
  11. If the hospitals don't enforce this mandate, they loose their funding and then would be forced to close?? Is that correct? If so what choice is there. Who's winning here. I'm asking, not stating a fact. I find it confusing and I dont know the answer. I think we all want to do the right thing.
  12. "I heard" "She said" he said she said means nothing. Its a "Wait and see"
  13. I remember 40 or so years ago, children of firemen in DuBois were not permitted to ride on the firetruck, because of insurance issues. Then it somehow became common place.
  14. I love this...wonderful woman.. Wonderful you How gracious....
  15. Here I go again..anyone know when Fall pick up is?
  16. Thanks for your help, appreciated.
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