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  1. Napalm the entire 3 block area !!!
  2. If I missed my projections by that much (either way) every month I’d be so far down the road. These are professional people, they get paid to make acceptable forecasts. They are supposed to take into account “COVID and inflation”.
  3. I’m not arguing about the number but the morons who try to project it and are apparently very very bad at it
  4. Who is responsible for "projecting" the jobs report for the past month??? They should be pushed to the curb...Projection 573,000 actual 210,000 thats quite a miss. And with them being right so seldom why does anyone (stock market) care?
  5. Well of course they can’t use any of their by pristine air space in western MD, that would rile up the western Marylanders who leave the ****holes they work in to “escape”. MD ANG Generals “wait we have an idea, let’s defecate all over PA, they’re just hicks up there anyway. Landfills get away with it all the time. Ya that’s a good idea”. Can’t wait !!!
  6. But does my state gestapo want me to buy an epi-pen to help keep you alive. No just the druggies
  7. Open Note To PETA. With thousands of dogs and cats living miserable lives all over the US and you are worried about what the warm up area of a baseball field is called. You'll never see a penny of my money again. Worthless group !!!!
  8. DS58

    How do-----

    Like they care...you'll just have to reach deeper into your pockets. if you have to eat dirt tough...the illegal invaders will have filet
  9. What a moron...where does he go when the reserves are depleated ???
  10. Who cares...talk about a usless well paid position !!
  11. Ive given up trying to send payments to vendors in or near DC ACH payments only. Never again will I use PO for them. They lost three checks last march and I was told that I should "just stop payment, and reissue the check" No "sorry" or even "sucks to be you" I used to support the PO but...
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