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  1. DS58

    How do-----

    Like they care...you'll just have to reach deeper into your pockets. if you have to eat dirt tough...the illegal invaders will have filet
  2. What a moron...where does he go when the reserves are depleated ???
  3. Who cares...talk about a usless well paid position !!
  4. Ive given up trying to send payments to vendors in or near DC ACH payments only. Never again will I use PO for them. They lost three checks last march and I was told that I should "just stop payment, and reissue the check" No "sorry" or even "sucks to be you" I used to support the PO but...
  5. Hang on Kids Water and Wastewater treatment chemicals are scarce and pricing is going through the roof. All of my suppliers are telling me this will not get better and most likely get worse until late Q2 2022 at the earliest. Bet the tree hugging libs didnt think this one through.
  6. Monopoly, monopoly, monopoly. This what happens when the government tells you what and how many of them you can buy. Get comfortable with it, as I fear that it will only get worse.
  7. Why don’t they just confiscate my whole paycheck and give me back what they can’t possibly piss away. Wait they are almost there now.
  8. Just ask them, they're doing a great job under immense pressure. What a joke, some of the higest rates in the country and the road still sucks !!!!
  9. "Read it and weep suckas (i.e. vaccine bullies)" Cacao...You were making sense until you went there. What do you care what I do or don't stick in my body??
  10. Thanks for the invite Petee but I already have a job. How about some of the humans without jobs go apply !!!
  11. The police chief was completely wrong...he should have done it in private and said the POS fell down the steps 17 times.
  12. Today in CE. Toll on bridges will only last as long as the agreement. PA to alcohol consumers after johnstown flood in 1899 (?) "the tax on alcohol will only be to resurrect johnstown after the flood... " Buyer beware !!!!!
  13. If I read correctly and it was reported correctly, should our school taxes be reduced next year????
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