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  1. Dallas got rid of their crybaby. Maybe the steelers will see the light.
  2. Sounds good on paper but does not exist in the real world.
  3. I have found out after several years of failures, don't use DuBois city water. For several years, using DuBois water has resulted in an extremely low genination rate. Rates on vegetable seeds close to 10%. When I switched to stream water, nearly 100%.
  4. Several breeds are prone to seizures. Some authorities believe inbreeding leads to it. I have raised beagles my whole life and have had five that had seizures. I presently have two sisters that do. One has them about every six months and the other about every six weeks. None of the dogs have ever had ill effects from the seizures. No two dog's episodes are the same. Lay then on their side, talk to them calmly, pet them, and keep them down until they have come out of it. I had one that would seizure from the excitement of the hunt. Solved that with a small piece of chocolate prior to hunting. V
  5. I had the same thing on only some of the sweet pepper plants. I sprayed them with a fungicide and alls well.
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