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  1. I realize that this is old news, but I have received this call twice in the last 3 days (Sept. 17, 2020 and Sept. 19, 2020) from an (814) 661-xxxx that, when called back, is out of service. They seem to clone out of service numbers to scam you, but use numbers that appear to be local.
  2. I got one of these from Walmart today. It offers items for the price of shipping, but also says the full price will be debited from the card in 15 days. I almost fell for it until I read the fine print.
  3. Got a call from Princess Cruise Lines telling me I was chosen to receive an $8000.00 credit towards a cruise. Girl with a thick Spanish accent, which was my first clue. It came from an 814-661-xxxx number, which many of the cloned calls use, but not from people who can barely speak English. I replied, "Listen scammer..." and heard the disconnect sound.
  4. I keep getting calls from a "recorded line" scammer.They want to give me an assortment of braces for different joint pains. What they really want is my personal identity information so that they can charge Medicare and my insurance company for stuff I don't want or need and may never get. When I hear "recorded line" I just say "I don't speak to recorded lines" and hang up. They either don't stop their spiel or promise to turn off the recorder (which they may or may not actually have.) I don't answer calls from people who block their caller IDs either
  5. People are calling wanting you to "remain with" an electric supplier when it is not the supplier you currently use. Know the name of your energy supplier! They use a name that sounds like a trusted brand name, i.e. "Sperian", not Experian.
  6. My sincere sympathy to Kathryn and Anthony and the rest of her family. She was a bright and loving young woman. I will especially miss her wit and caring spirit and those warm hugs during Santa season. Rest in peace, dear friend!
  7. There were lesser floods in 1946 and 1953. I'd be inclined to guess 1953.
  8. The Packard is a 1949-1950 and is in pretty nice shape. With the best resolution I can get, the flag looks like a 48-star, which would be pre-1959. The parking meters are of a newer design, probably early 1950's. The Federal Building still has 12-light single-pane sash that looks like it needs painted. The recruiting posters appear to be Korean War era. I would be inclined to guess1952 for the year of the photo.
  9. In the South, when the grandmas would gather and talk about grandkids, you'd often hear one of them say, "He needs a dose of suffern molaz." If you're familiar with Old Dixie, you know all about that.
  10. Shaffer side probably was the name for Shaffer Siding, the former railroad siding in that area.
  11. Does anybody remember when the bricks on S. Main St. were paved over with blacktop? I know that when we moved here it was still brick pavement.
  12. Petee, check this website: http://www.gentracer.org/powcampsPA.html
  13. It's quite difficult...hit or miss at best...to trace family from England. My Dad went around to a lot of court houses and county seats when he visited England in the '70s. Most of the records were destroyed in the bombings during WW2. His paternal grandparents were from the Birmingham area but their families were from rural Wales. The lady in the records bureau told him that, even if he had street addresses, they couldn't help because many of the streets changed completely after the bombing.
  14. It looks like the smokestacks from the mill or tannery in the background. I can't tell if that's the mansion on the hill or not. Could it be out First St? If not, maybe out Blinker Pkwy?
  15. It looks like it may have been just off of 5 points. I think that's the Sandy Lick behind it and the tracks may be what crossed the creek on the old trestle over in that area. It possibly sat where the oil company used to be or where the Riverside sign shop was. I don't think New Street was there yet, so it may have been right there.
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