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  1. I won't be taking my pets away from the house to meet " friends"
  2. This is near the harrisburg area. Is it CAldonia? I know it's a " C " word park
  3. My question is .. Most farmers know the due dates of all bred animals and keep them stalled in the barn near due dates. So why didn't this farmer? I have helped birth and pull cows( among other farm animals) with come alongs many times but all our mothers were stalled days before due dates to ensure thier safety and help at birth if needed. He was VERY lucky to save this calf!
  4. In our house one was my step dad's wife. He kept her urn in the house so she was a flower smell. Went went on when her urn was finally buried. Another was just a dark black shadow, the prankster/ shower man. The third was a man that took the form of my brother at times dressed in 50's type clothing ( cuffed jeans and plaid shirts) which was kinda freaky. He was as my mother called her guardian angel. He loved to jingle dresser handles ect and watch tv in her rocking chair. Y es it rocked by itself. That freaked me out! And he loved to smoke weed ugh! Nothing like trying to explain that to visitors tho most couldn't smell it we did . Other than that it was dogs and cats that had past on walking around the house still guarding us. My best story is my collie sleeping with me and waking me up when my son quit breathing in his sleep as a baby.She doted on him in life and death.. Very protective
  5. I lived in a house as a teen haunted by 3 ghosts and lost pets in Sabula. I often want to stop and ask the new owner if they are still there. Oh the stories of that house! Nothing really bad ever happened but i they did like to pull pranks. Ex. Turn the hot water off when in the shower if mad at you or touch you... Nothing like a head full of shampoo and someone grab you in the shower when your eyes are closed!
  6. pnutcookie

    ugly weiner!

    nah he's kinda cute, definatly a conversation peice =)
  7. They banned docking in many breeds in Europe. They said it was cruel but then many dogs had tramatic injurys that were normally docked and so they had to have it done later in life. WHY? because there was a reason they had them docked as pups later on they had the same thing happen as yours.. injury! SO they had to have thier tails amputated. Docking IMO is the same as a lil boy being circumsized (sp) they do it when they are to young( a few days old) to remember they have no bones( it's like your ear before the bone hardens) hence why vets will only do it a right after birth. It prevents pain later in life due to injury. Call around,, ask questions,, explain the situation. Many pitts are docked . It won't hurt him if anything it will help.. no more infections /pain!.. I have boxers and let me tell you had they not had thier tails done I would be in this same situation.. injured tails! Let me tell you that lil nubby can shake like a frieght train!
  8. I have no decedants in Rumbarger ( that i know of , not originally from here) I wish i could help more... Saying that.. it ticks me that the city lets and let that cemetary go for years and .. years untouched ! ( when i was a kid it was in shambles some 30 years ago.. might i add the grass was never cut for well over 30 years!) Go to rubble so to speak yet fines people for not mowing.. doesn't make sense to me.. Dubois as a whole needs to have more respect for our heritage.. and it's elders Those people made our town what it is today .. complain all you want it's true.. Rumbarger is part of our history as a town!! The city should put something aside to help. If they can pay overrated charges to mow yards around town that haven't been mowed surley they can pay to mow that cemetary out of respect for those buried there and historical preservation.. I see Rumbarger as a top priority...JMO
  9. Ughhhhhh glad i hate tomatoes sorry for all that lost thier crop.
  10. I love the tea . How do you make it and how can you find it? Another question. Where around Dubois can you find teaberries? Love them but I haven't found them in years.When we lived on the farm in Berwinsdale ( BFE to us Pa hickabillies lol) they were all over... Childhood Yummy!
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