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  1. He said it TWICE! I be like what the heck!!!
  2. Wonder what our Lt. Governor thinks about this creep since Braddock is his hometown..
  3. This reporter started a thread on a local website page. Asking if anyone had heard of this. When someone responded with a post , the reporter asked if she could interview them and use them on the station.. then the hundreds of posts began. as usual it was a never ending tangle of insults and name calling. The school was brought into it and blamed for the mess. on and on..
  4. Ted should NEVER had posted that. He knows the crazy climate.. or simply make it private.. Come on Ted, you had to know what would happen...
  5. Sad thing is by boycotting and pulling out of companies they are hurting very Americans that they profess to be supporting.. Jobs will be lost, money will go elsewhere, hurting those workers who will lose jobs. Makes no sense..
  6. Sweet April, it was a joy to watch her and to witness her sweet calf being born. I watched constantly.. I feel sad today..
  7. I brought everything in.. that isn't in ground..
  8. The school libraries always kept the yearbooks, try them. for scanning..
  9. I am speechless. I am so sorry, cannot believe this.. May God be with her dear children and family..
  10. Postponed..
  11. Just curious, I know NOTHING abut chickens, but why do some roosters need butchered ASAP. What happens? Also,how do eggs taste better from your own chickens? All interesting to me... HAHA! leave it to GoduBois!!!! ;D
  12. Tom Kellgren owned Pershing, it was Stagecoach..
  13. Charlie Moore ALWAYS talking about the Duttrys Bundys etc. of Sabula, I sure do miss his ramblings... HAHA!
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