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  1. Exactly. I loved my years at CLARION. School Pride exactly. Maybe we should ask for a new diploma, that states our new status. Seriously, I am a little sad as well..
  2. My thoughts exactly. No pencil or pen in sight.. seems odd, but my grand daughter has the same issue. but she is prepared.. Deaf does not mean she couldn't speak, just seems odd.. how bout customers behind her...
  3. Pretty sure the wedding that was postponed due to Covid.. THere was a smaller ceremony at time but now the main event...
  4. No one asks your opinion as you hustle on down the line of shots..
  5. Yes, what a great attitude to write your own OBIT and in such a positive way. .It was awesome.. God Bless this man..
  6. This has become a lost cause, in my opinion when 1. Court says it is all right to use that F word to the cops. Freedom of Speech. 2. Just recently when the Potential cheerleader was allowed to use profanity towards the school district.. It will be hard to put those genies back in the bottles..
  7. I read and heard coming mostly from Canada.. strange
  8. huge exaggeration.. no 8 men with drawn guns.. tar and feathers were being prepared.. you are right it seems.
  9. Was it the first time it had happened? First the Board heard of it?
  10. How would no one in Little League know that this was going on ..
  11. I grew up in New Kensington. My Father Made it VERY clear to we kids. DO NOT SWIM in the River, that River.. Too many drops and very dangerous.. Put the fear of God into us. Why? Because he did it growing up in Tarentum and he knew the dangers.. Add to it drinking heavily as the article states.. Disaster!
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