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  1. Just be careful if anybody has to go out, I have to work the next 2 days and pray that I can get my car to the garage to get my tires on and oil changed on Monday
  2. Please pray for a very special family right now as they just lost their daughter to Covid! She was a very special young lady who had just gotten married just about a year ago…This family is very special to me
  3. That's so sweet, finally something wonderful to talk about
  4. What was your best part of 2021? Mine was my daughter graduated Suma Cum laude and a 3.72 and had so many cords and sashes on, it made me feel very proud!
  5. Just wanted to wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year and please don’t drink and drive!
  6. What a bunch of idiots! They really could’ve caused a serious accident and or possibly killed somebody
  7. I just need some heavy duty prayers, I’m so sad right now that I don’t even want to celebrate the holidays! My job is nothing but a heartache and I don’t want to work with people that are always yelling at me for no actual reason! I just don’t want to be anywhere anymore! I’m very unhappy about my life and don’t know what to do or say! I feel like I’m a burden to everyone in my life!! Thank You
  8. I was wondering who bought it, and why would they want to get rid of some beautiful landscaping that you guys have done? What are they going to do with the empty lot?
  9. I am so happy that my daughter goes to a catholic university an
  10. Jen Nixon or Angel Pregmon or if you go to the football game they have them at the concession stand
  11. That is so wrong and she laughed about it! She has no remorse and should be locked up
  12. Thanks, but I just don’t know if he’s real or not anymore? You think your going to have a good day and than it all turns out to be nothing but a disappointment
  13. Thanks, just having a rough time with everything and just want to cry
  14. Needing of some prayers and lots of them, trying to figure out how we are going to get through the next few months and be able to pay for it? I’m very scared and want my daughter to graduate soon and I just want to cry
  15. It will be done probably by the next few weeks and before anybody says anything, it looks wonderful and they have done a terrific job and it really needed it
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