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  1. I am so happy that my daughter goes to a catholic university an
  2. Jen Nixon or Angel Pregmon or if you go to the football game they have them at the concession stand
  3. That is so wrong and she laughed about it! She has no remorse and should be locked up
  4. Thanks, but I just don’t know if he’s real or not anymore? You think your going to have a good day and than it all turns out to be nothing but a disappointment
  5. Thanks, just having a rough time with everything and just want to cry
  6. Needing of some prayers and lots of them, trying to figure out how we are going to get through the next few months and be able to pay for it? I’m very scared and want my daughter to graduate soon and I just want to cry
  7. It will be done probably by the next few weeks and before anybody says anything, it looks wonderful and they have done a terrific job and it really needed it
  8. I’m happy that they are literally busting these offenders and getting it off the streets
  9. I’ve always heard good things about them, and meeting them but not realizing who they were, they were one of the best wedding people we have had
  10. We had the family stay where I work and the entire family was so nice and very happy and the groom was absolutely hilarious! So, we at our hotel had the wedding party and families!
  11. How is the road in front of the store? Would like to bring mine over but with the road situation, it’s a bit crazy
  12. I thought that's where it was! Now I need to go buy a new one and 2 phones
  13. I was going to ask since mine got hit to by that stupid storm! Where exactly is BMP?
  14. Call the store to see if someone turned them in….My daughter left her wallet there one time and I went to get it, but wasn’t allowed to pick it up since I technically wasn’t the owner, but the one manager came out after me as I was leaving and said I will give it to you since you are here all the time and she’s always with me! Good Luck
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