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  1. Thanks, I’m heading out after while to visit my family in Brockway and watch the parade and hopefully my daughter meets me there after she’s done tubing
  2. Happy 4th to you as well, although I have to work as usual and never get to have any fun anymore 😢! I’m hoping to get to Brockway to see my family at least before the parade and than home again to work in the morning
  3. At least they are both back in custody and I don’t know what possessed them to take off like that, stupidity for one. The daughter should be held accountable for her actions by hiding him, I know she probably loves her dad but really! Didn’t she realize that by keeping there only got herself in trouble as well but people are pretty stupid
  4. If I hear from my sister that the 5th shot is very safe and than I will let you know, since she works with a medical research company and has been there for over 25+ years and directed us in the right direction! We are fully vaccinated and boosted and all we have had recently is just the usual allergies and such
  5. Thinking of leaving my current job and not sure if it’s a good idea or not? I hate to leave them short staffed but at the same time, my mental health is a big factor about me wanting to leave? I’m sick of most of the staff treating me bad when I have only called off 1 time in the 2 years I have been there and I just don’t know what to do?
  6. I have always said that if you are being bullied, go to learn boxing and put them in the ring together and than see who comes out on top!
  7. Couldn’t agree more, we need more people that cover the whole area. There is so many things happening not only accidents but good things but we don’t seem to be hearing about it
  8. What a very sick and disturbing individual, those poor girls. Hope they can get over this and become strong women
  9. Thanks, everything went just fine and I was worried about the situation that it made me not only nervous but mad at the same time! All because of a huge company that is called PennDot and not being up to date on their end of things and making so many people angry and losing their minds
  10. That is a total disgrace that there wasn’t any coverage except sunny 106! There is no reason why nothing was covered, glad that they had a decent turnout considering nobody really knew that it was going to be here, I knew it was coming since I heard it through work, but kinda forgot about it until it arrived
  11. Starting at 5 the firehalls will be escorting the truck to the city park from The Comfort Suites, than coming back to the hotel where they are having a “floating bar” and some memorabilia! Please come out to support it
  12. So, did you find out what happened on Highland Street and who was involved.

  13. I just pm both of you, since I know the family and don’t want to put anything on here
  14. Thanks, feeling alot better since I may have figured out the problem and hopefully it’s the answer I found!
  15. Thanks, this has got me so scared and something that shouldn’t be happening! Because of some big company that runs this state, is ruining it for me. If you guys want to know, just send me a pm…..
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