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  1. They are putting up a brand new one
  2. It could be the hours that the guys have to put it together? I’m not opposed to them using a local company but the price is way to expensive and what is really wrong with the one we have now?
  3. I have known Dave Nagele for over 30 years and he is a great guy! Used to be my neighbor and baptized my daughter and has done almost my entire families funeral service!!
  4. Congratulations! Madd Max, Max Salada
  5. Wonder what is going on?
  6. Thanks but I’m very concerned about my daughter and our financial situation and What’s going on
  7. Please keep my family in your prayers there’s too much going on right now and it has my nerves are pretty bad and I’m kind of scared
  8. This is my cousin and her husband and she’s in serious condition and needs all the prayers please! This is very sad and he just beat cancer and we as a family our just heartbroken
  9. This was my cousin and her husband, please keep her in your prayers she’s going to need them and lots of them
  10. Just need some prayers for some family members going through a rough time and I'm not going into detail but please these are great family members and very loving! Thank you
  11. Think about the time this happened, after 3 pm, if he was coming up over a hill, that sun might've been in his eyes as well! That stretch of highway is very dangerous, I have traveled this road before and believe me, there is farm equipment as well as Amish that travel it and if you are not paying attention, than you could end up in an accident! I had 7 different vehicles pass me on that road a year ago due to a piece of farm equipment on it and no sooner we got up on the one intersection, there was a head on collision and it was one that passed me
  12. This road is very dangerous and like I’ve said before, I have traveled that same road all my life to see my family that lives 5 minutes from where it happened and it is a shame that this happened and I feel sorry for the driver as well, he has to olive with this his entire life! Good Luck into getting something done from PennDot, I tried the governor’s office and they flat out told me that they are allowed on the road and case closed! I’m just concerned with their safety as well
  13. But where this happened at, this is a very dangerous road and the curves are awful! I have traveled that road all my life, and we were almost in an accident last fall coming from my aunt's, because there was farm equipment going slow and they were 10 vehicles that passed me and just about a mile away, there was a head on collision! Involving one that passed! Just like traveling on 119, they need an alternative road for the Amish so it's not only safe for them but us as well!
  14. That is a very dangerous road to travel on! If he was coming up a hill and on a curve, he might not have seen them in time! There are farm equipment that travel that road as well, trust me, I know that road since I have traveled it to see my family that lives like 15 minutes from where it happened! I gave saying this for years that the Amish need a road to themselves and not on a main high traveled highway. But your local official shut me up when they told me it was ok for them to be on there too
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