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  1. I am so excited to see this, whether you liked their pizza or you or don’t, be thankful that there is another business reopening due to high demand! Just wish these people would get off their butts and get a job, we are hiring where I’m at and we are very tired of working short staffed
  2. If anybody is looking for a job, The Comfort Suites is hiring, for housekeeping, breakfast, front desk and maintenance! Please, tell your friends and family, we need people that are willing to work weekends and hard workers. As an employee, we have had several walk out this past week and it is taking a toll on all of us! Yes, we were laid off last year and yes we got jobs right away, no matter if it had benefits or not, it was a job and were happy that there was someone willing to work…..People of all races can be lazy and don’t want to work and live off the system and I for one, do not like t
  3. Thanks, it’s just because certain family members that have recently passed away and we never got to say goodbye to him! But had to work all weekend and I was able to at least visit with my family whom I haven’t seen in 8 years
  4. No where, very sad today
  5. I am working pretty much full time but I’m paying out of pocket for my health insurance and it’s awful but that extra cash again would come in handy since I have pretty much paid my car off and some other minor things!
  6. I saw this and it was wonderful! My cousin was in a severe accident in Ohio in September and not only regained some mobility and was bound and determined to walk across the stage to get her diploma and she did it, with the help with her best friends assisting her
  7. It would be nice, since I have used mine to pay off bills and groceries
  8. They are putting up a brand new one
  9. It could be the hours that the guys have to put it together? I’m not opposed to them using a local company but the price is way to expensive and what is really wrong with the one we have now?
  10. I have known Dave Nagele for over 30 years and he is a great guy! Used to be my neighbor and baptized my daughter and has done almost my entire families funeral service!!
  11. Congratulations! Madd Max, Max Salada
  12. Wonder what is going on?
  13. Thanks but I’m very concerned about my daughter and our financial situation and What’s going on
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