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  1. I've never dug up my daffodils, are you supposed to? If I was able, I'd come out and take some of yours you have to share. Here at my new house I have ONE single daffodil. lol I couldn't plant any last year because I had surgery in the fall and couldn't get out. This fall I want to plant lots of bulbs. Deer-proof ones, that is. Out here at the Lake they eat almost everything. =(
  2. I guess our Kessler's got around! lol I recognize Horne and Conrad from our Kessler Family Tree book, although they married into the Kessler tree.
  3. My local names are Kessler, Walborn, Reasinger, Frantz, Hoover, Salada
  4. I'm a genealogist, and I also have a Facebook page for DuBois Pennsylvania Genealogy.
  5. Mine are bad too. =( My banana peppers don't look so hot either and my strawberries are teeny.
  6. These are so cool to see! The Acme font looks 40's-ish to me.
  7. Sorry for your loss, Jen, I am sad for you. Same for all the others, it's so hard losing a best buddy.
  8. Finally found the map of the cemetery Mr. Lindsay had given me, and I want to make a copy of it and I'll be glad to share it with anyone who wants it. I'd like to attend the meeting too, if i can. My great grandparents, Axel and Josefina Swanson, and great great grandma Johanna Johnson are buried there.
  9. My dad had something very odd happen to him once here near an old mine, pm me your number and I can have him contact you. He's not very computer savvy but will be really eager to share this with you. It's haunted him and a few of his buddies since it happened years ago.
  10. My grandpa always called a bag a "poke" . The fridge was an "icebox", and a purse was a "pocketbook".
  11. I would LOVE to see the inside of that gorgeous old house!
  12. I was not quite four, but I can vaguely remember watching boats floating in the PT parking lot. That image stuck with me. That's all I remember, though.
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