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  1. Yepper, at a Speedway, Illinois version Sheetz.😉 You may never see who won because unlike Pennsylvania in Illinois a lottery winner that wins over $250,000 can keep their name and residence anonymous.
  2. 1 winning ticket sold in Illinois. I bought $10 worth, had ZERO numbers. I guess I just donated $10 to my own income being I’m on Social Security. 😉 Winning numbers were 13, 36, 45, 57, 67 and a Mega Ball of 14 in case someone hasn’t checked their numbers yet. The total winning amount ended up being $1.337 billion if taken over 30 years. I you choose the lump sum it’s only about a measly $780 million.
  3. I see the correction/addition of the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association. 👍🏻 Dave was a long time and proud member of the CDVFA as I have and attended many conventions and I ran into him several times no matter where it was held. I’ll never forget Patton many years ago, what memories. 😉 As many have said he will be sorely missed and no one will be able to replace him. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family at this most difficult time.
  4. Administration can delete this post being I now see that it was already shared.
  5. I just found out a little bit ago and shared it because I didn't see it until now. So sorry to hear about his passing. Dave was an old good friend from work until he retired and also through the Fire Department for years. He will be missed. 😢 Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  6. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.csfhinc.com%2Fobituary%2FDavid-Blommen&h=AT0cvBFr6ZAZQ9yTddLyhhISWqcbPe-WV2sAqLlMhbFtijNPU1Oudr2vvtw2u5qweg-XzxMHSA83te_f1Re58-Q1k5UtIyP1OSL9IYi0b6cNLBHm-O2ZArJk1DaGHWEC4ZP0KZ7cIvMJU1KYwvZ1o29C&s=1
  7. https://tickets.jimmystewartairport.com/event/2022airshow
  8. It’s at the Jimmy Stewart airport in Indiana not DUJ, they just put the poster out there. Did the same thing last year and it had me confused too.
  9. So disgusting, what kind of an animal purposely goes out and kills little children? And it’s NOT the guns that’s the problem it’s today’s society that is so full of hate, places no value on human life, does do enough to identify, treat, and when it calls for it institutionalized mental illness cases, or they just think it’s a game and not reality. So sad. 😔
  10. Gets me how people b**** about how the City applies for grant money with a specific design for certain projects to improve the City and then uses it as designed if rewarded. It’s grant money that we all are taxed for like it or not and if rewarded it MUST BE used for the project and design applied for, if not it will be forfeited. And if the City doesn’t apply for these grants or use it as intended it will go to some other town/city. That embankment has been an eyesore for years and yes it was improved a bit with the volunteer work that was done but it needed much more work done. There is no way that volunteers would be able to do that work on a project that size and maintain it, especially this day and age. I’m sure that the smaller projects that the volunteers have done like on the walkway have been appreciated and do look nice. Just can’t please everybody. 🙄
  11. That very similar message was posted on a church sign in Falls Creek several years ago and I know it raised a few eyebrows because of the possible double meaning. 🤔 If I remember right it was removed before the normal weekly changing of the message.
  12. Yeah I got a call on my cellphone one time from my cellphone number and thought WTH...HOW? 🤔 Needless to say I didn't answer it and there was no voice mail either.
  13. Evidently Penn Highlands has had one of their phone numbers hacked. I received a call on my land line phone that I usually never answer because I have an answering machine on it to sort out the telemarker calls, but I looked at the caller ID and it showed Penn Highlands 375-3532 (no area code prefix) so I answered it. Here it was some India speaking women “wanting to talk to the person that takes care of the electric bill.” I replied “go to hell” and hung up on her. 😡 I Goggled the number and it comes up Penn Highlands East. So I called that number and informed them that this number has evidently been hacked. She was very appreciative that I informed them.
  14. I was all keyed up to get me some Frank's this afternoon but wasn't sure if they were open today but when I get there and see this.🤔 Closed up with black plastic covering the windows and door from the inside. I hope it's just remodeling.
  15. Regretfully we need to let our loyal customers know that at this time the DuBois Diner has made the decision to close permanently. Thank you for your support and all the nice words of encouragement that we have received from all of you. We all know the rumors will start to fly, but it is due to lack of employees. We had numerous ads out but were just not getting the applications that are needed to run efficiently. We want to thank all of patrons for the past 16 years . This has been a very hard decision to make for all involved. We also want to thank all of the loyal employees that have stood by through out all of this , You are all great people and wish the best for all .
  16. If you buy the good beef hot dogs (not frankfurters) like Ball Park in either regular or bun length there is only 8 in a pack and has been for years. No extra buns. 😁
  17. How many tax dollars are spent subsidizing lazy ass people who don’t want to work?
  18. BS, not all electricity is produced in coal burning electric plants, electric vehicles still pay the tax on registration renewal, state inspection, tire tax, etc which are all supposed to be used for maintaining the highways. No I don’t currently own an electric vehicle but like it or not it is the future.
  19. The Hotel Emery is long gone along with most all historic buildings in Falls Creek. ...With the construction of a two-story brick store and residence built by Mr. J. L. Reed to spur grown, other homes quickly followed and the town was named Evergreen. A large, four-story hotel, the Lamontague, was erected at the corner of Main and First Streets and provided porches with easy seats from which to view the crowded streets each night. Until it burned down nearly a dozen years later, the Lamontague was the center of activity for the community. Two other hotels served the town during its boom days, the Emory on Main Street and the Casey House on Taylor Avenue. It was not until 1890 that streets were laid out and tree stumps finally cleared from the land. A few houses and stores stood along the street lines, but in rainy weather, rubber boats were required to reach them... http://duboishs.com/index.php/falls-creek-backgrund/
  20. I remember Buzz doing odd jobs for people when I was a young lad. He once hand dug a ditch for a neighbor probably 50 feet long and 3 feet deep for a water line from the house to the curb with a pick and spade. He was a very strong and dirty looking older man. I distinctly remember the brown pants he had on and for some reason the front pockets were cut out exposing his dirty looking legs. Now being fair he was no threat and I remember him being kind and a hard working man just making money doing manual labor to live on. My mother who use to feed the bums that hung around the old B & O shops by the big Sandy Bridge still didn't want me to hang around Buzz, but of course I still use to go over and watch him work.
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