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  1. Gesin is a sex offender and probably shouldn't have contact with a 16 year old to begin with.
  2. The Police department just made a post on Facebook about this!! Sounds like someone may have taken it seriously.
  3. Insurance usually does not just cover things. Usually there is a deductible that comes into play. Let's say the property deductible is $5,000 and the total cost to replace the window is $4,000..... That comes out of your pocket. A $4,000 unexpected expense for a small business owner could be damaging.
  4. Wonder how much money could be brought in if pet owners had to license their cats??
  5. Prayers to everyone involved in Faith's Journey.
  6. I briefly caught a news report about this in a Pittsburgh apartment complex....didn't think anything of it other than the name caught my attention. Today I saw something on Facebook mentioning someone being treated for this.....I did a quick google search out of curiosity because I've never heard of it before. The symptoms vs Covid symptoms are pretty identical and you get it by breathing in mist that contains the bacteria. Also there are articles in the last week alone on outbreaks in a jail, a hospital etc. Has anyone ever heard of this? Can it be detected through blood work like an infectio
  7. I'm probably one of the people you see ....Not because I enjoy wearing it but if I am going multiple places why keep taking it off and putting it back on?
  8. No changes here. I feel the same way as I do about every other "outbreak" over the years....it is what it is. I've learned to not stress over things i cannot control. I've always washed my hands frequently, occasionally use hand sanitizer. In public I do sanitize things that others have contact with such as carts. Every other weekend my house gets a good cleaning with bleach and Lysol but that has always been a routine with having 5 children and their friends in the house on a regular basis.
  9. I'm convinced that all of the missing socks turn into Tupperware lids that do not fit anything.
  10. http://wjactv.com/news/local/dep-fines-advanced-disposal-600k-for-violations-that-led-to-workers-landfill-death
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