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  1. That was a rumor that was started years ago. The story was that gangs were using this as an initiation. They would drive down a highway with no lights and when someone flashed theirs then that person got shot. That was never found to be true however to this day it is still occasionally shared on social media.
  2. ???? Why inform him where the baby is at if he has no rights? I pray the child is ok after all that.
  3. The Diner just announced they are closing indefinitely.....
  4. According to their Facebook page they are under reconstruction....the last time I went past there (Sunday) Construction is in process.
  5. The fact that marijuana is still considered a controlled substance while alcohol is not is baffling to me.....
  6. My niece recently had her wedding reception at the skating rink in Clearfield (They recently remodeled)…cheesy I know, but it was one of the best receptions I've ever been to. We had so much fun. Got some great pictures of her in her wedding dress with her skates on. We try to get as many friends and family as we can at least once a month and go skating.
  7. There was no lack of support in our home. I went to every game, and as many practices as I could. I loved watching my kids play every sport despite the political aspect of it because they enjoyed it. I would never express my adult opinion and or concerns to my children as that is not their burden. Now that they are older we have conversations about it when we discuss sports. The thing is, kids are not stupid....they see the same things we see, they just process it differently. 3 out of the 4 of my boys just played baseball to pass time, they weren't very good at it....there hearts belonged to
  8. The happiest day of my life was when my kids moved on from baseball in this town. Not sure what things are like now as that was 15 years ago but back then The politics of the DuBois LL organization was disgusting.
  9. Perhaps this grandmother rescued her grandbabies a few years ago from their mother and her abusive boyfriend.....and now the advocacy center wants this grandmother to let them interview the child who was almost beaten to death about the situation. Perhaps these children are on their way to recovering and shame on the center for wanting to open these wounds again. Shame on the Advocacy Center, Shame on the police and Shame on the newspaper for this article making people think she is harming that child!!!!!
  10. Don't girls today want a good man who loves them for their qualities, or do they all want to be viewed as sex toys?..... WHAT!!!! This is 2021 right? Since when does what you wear define your qualities and require you to be viewed as a sex toy?? Men go shirtless all the time. But because our breasts are bigger we are supposed to cover them up completely....yet I've seen some over weight men with man boobs bigger than some females and they don't get condemned. How about people stop sexualizing the appearance of female skin!!!!!! Why is it that as soon as a female has some skin showing she
  11. Gesin is a sex offender and probably shouldn't have contact with a 16 year old to begin with.
  12. The Police department just made a post on Facebook about this!! Sounds like someone may have taken it seriously.
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