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  1. What's on yours? I'm curious what others have on their menu. Maybe I can add something different to mine this year.
  2. Any news on the high speed chase that ended up near the Polaski club Monday night? Heard a motorcycle maybe?
  3. Realtor.com says that it sold in June of 2019 but I cannot find any additional information.
  4. Twisting? No. How about I re word it. What holiday does not include "privileged white people". And what does included mean? What benefits come from a holiday and that are kept from some but given to others? I am not twisting anything just trying to get a little more clarification so I can answer the question that he asked on a public forum. Sounds to me like you might be twisting my response.
  5. Just curious what holiday is it that you were told you weren't permitted to celebrate?
  6. I heard, also heard suicide however I have not been able to confirm any details yet.
  7. That was a rumor that was started years ago. The story was that gangs were using this as an initiation. They would drive down a highway with no lights and when someone flashed theirs then that person got shot. That was never found to be true however to this day it is still occasionally shared on social media.
  8. ???? Why inform him where the baby is at if he has no rights? I pray the child is ok after all that.
  9. The Diner just announced they are closing indefinitely.....
  10. According to their Facebook page they are under reconstruction....the last time I went past there (Sunday) Construction is in process.
  11. The fact that marijuana is still considered a controlled substance while alcohol is not is baffling to me.....
  12. My niece recently had her wedding reception at the skating rink in Clearfield (They recently remodeled)…cheesy I know, but it was one of the best receptions I've ever been to. We had so much fun. Got some great pictures of her in her wedding dress with her skates on. We try to get as many friends and family as we can at least once a month and go skating.
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