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  1. If you find one let me know also,Petee is right they are darn hard to find these days.
  2. How many are there in DuBois? I only knew of the one at Mansell Stadium.
  3. junk


    I want a Women who poops, most of my prior girlfriends were full of S#&T.
  4. Good Stuff Petee, Thanks for posting those Great tips. I notice a lot of Animals/insects/birds That you just dont see anymore. Pine Grosbeaks,Barn Swallows, Those little green snakes, Black Crickets, Grasshoppers.......etc. I think it has a lot to do with our obsession with Chemicals and Nicely kept lawns. Not to mention we all cut to much Grass and to often, I read somewhere that Dandelions are the 1st flowers that attract bees in spring and yet Folks consider them weeds and spray to prevent them. Im 62 but I remember back in 5th grade giving a Speech about the importance of bees or lac
  5. carefull, to much ice cream and you will get Roids.
  6. I heard John Travolta got the Corona Virus. But it turned out to be just Saturday Night Fever and hes Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive.........
  7. Hee Hee , little stinker. xoxo
  8. Bon, did you knit her outfit in the last photo? Really cool.
  9. So Cute. Thoughts and prayers for Faith Marie.
  10. My old 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee is for sale. Good 4.0 engine, tranny good, transfer case good. 4x4 works great. She just wont pass Inspection. $800.00 Cash and its yours. I need money for my Kat,,, StewieKat. 814-389-5478
  11. StewieKat is 7 yrs . She was born to a wildcat under my shed. I trapped her and brought her in my house and she has been treated like a Queen ever since. Shes a good mouser , but not good for much else.............LOL Oh and by the Way,,,she seems really good today,,,no wet Bum.
  12. Bon, StewieKat is not fixed. I didnt think I needed to since she is a House Kat. I may have caused the problem myself by giving her Milk. I dint know but after some looking I guess thats not good for them. Now tonight she seems good and is playing and such. Her Bums not wet and she is running around like a Kitty does. I also gave her a can of Tuna (water) with a crushed up Baby asprin in it. Maybe that helped. Thanks.
  13. Im making an app for StewieKat at the Vet this week. She seems to have problems with a wet bum. She doesnt seem to be in any pain but I wonder whats causing it. Being a Female,, could it be that Cats have periods??? Or maybe its worms?? Her tail and back legs are always wet..Anyway I thought Id ask for advice here before I go to the Vet. Thanks
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