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  1. Did not have this issue last year, even with the country basically shutdown for months.
  2. Do you blame them? It is like Biden took the wheel in January and turned right over the cliff! The "Trinity" shoulders the blame for this mess our country is in today not only because they voted for it, but because they support it and won't come out and even complain one bit about it... which only shows they still support the Democratic agenda!
  3. Just in the past few weeks I have been getting more delivery delays on Fedex and UPS items. What normally would take a day from my Canon warehouse in NJ now is taking a minimum 2 days and at times 3 days. I have been experiencing USPS issues since the start of the year, they have lost 3 payments I sent out to vendors and a few customer payments to us have never gotten here.. (good paying customers).
  4. More like the Democrats Inflation...... where is all the Biden fan club been? Hiding in shame I would think and should be, they should be proud of themselves!
  5. My business has been dealing with various different shortages of either copiers or the accessories for the copier's. Just filled 7 orders over the past week that we have been waiting for as long as 2 and a half months. In July we lost 4% of our off invoice discounts due to shipping costs increasing to our vendor. I have had other vendors that adding various percentages to our orders due the shipping increases as well. All of our issues starting in July, never had shipping cost or supply issues till then.
  6. How much do you want to bet he turned in the people he was buying from and this is the payback.
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/emmy-viewers-call-out-celebs-not-wearing-masks-social-distancing Once again the elite people that tells us how we should live our lives do the exact opposite! Keep in mind this is not only in a state that has strict COVID policies, but also in LA that I believe has the most strict policies in the US. I would hope a lot of people see this and start to have a wake up call!
  8. We are about a year and a half into this mask crap, can’t imagine this is the first nor last time this has/will happen. Surprised she does not have a card that she shows to the person waiting on her to let them know she is deaf. Sounds more like “I know how to make some good money” scheme!
  9. Oh yeah… love watching liberals turn on each other!
  10. And how many of the infected illegals been relocated to Red states vs Blue states since slo joe and the commies took over? Just seen a article that DC has not got one illegal relocated there.
  11. Caught a few college football games yesterday and seen a lot of packed to the rim stadiums but hardly any masks in sight. Guess this week will either have a big outbreak around these colleges or more proof the masks aren’t needed. Mind you these people were yelling/shouting a lot more than likely spitting on the person that definitely was not 6 feet from them.
  12. Shockingly no one sees the problem with political leanings determining your decisions in your job... I have brought up numerous times how the SCOTUS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS and so on should not be following one party's beliefs when making decisions. We have rules/laws that should always be followed and if you can not follow those rules/laws then you shouls not be in the position you are.
  13. Never said I was against Gloves either, but since I am against masks it was assumed automatically I was against gloves as well.
  14. You do understand the definition of HANDLING right... meaning actually physically touching the food... wearing a mask is not the same as wearing gloves... but I know the liberal mind only follows what it is told to follow and obey!
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