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  1. Jeff

    Power out?

    Township just went by our shop towards the mall with a bunch of stop signs.
  2. Don’t worry they start milling and putting the final coat on starting the 7th, going from Sheetz to Oklahoma Salem road.
  3. The story just doesn’t add up. First we hear there was a 911 call. Next we know it had to the cops at least 15 minutes to get there at least. Next we are told the cops come in on the 2 of them fighting over the hammer (42yo vs 82yo). Next the cops see him get the hammer and proceed hitting him (no taser deployment or weapons drawn). Question I have is wheee is the taxpayer purchased security system you know we had to purchase. This system would be state of art with excellent video, which you know if it existed would be all over the news! And how did this guy get around the security system? Broken window should of set it off. Much like the heckler that heckled Obama I am very suspicious that it is all just acts for votes! We have seem Dems do some very good false narratives in the past and wouldn’t put it pass them!
  4. Honestly I don’t believe the Democrats want small businesses. The family owned businesses are going away. Look at our local car dealerships getting bought out by larger dealerships.
  5. So when will we see charges against the Democrat Senators and House members that called for protests and such at the Judge's houses that go against abortion? Believe this one person had more weapons that all the weapons total found on Jan. 6! If you are a Democrat you should be embarrassed of yourself... the only way the Dems can get their way is violence and intimidation!
  6. IMO.. he wants to drain the reserves to make the prices even climb more in the long run. Where are the Biden cheerleaders that were on this board before and shortly after the election? Hope they are really proud of themselves!
  7. Early last year we had thought about a Mach-E, it was $56k. We also looked at a Ford Escape Hybrid, it was $32k after rebate. The gas prices at that time had the cost of going 250 miles at roughly $5 more than the Mach-E, so with that it made the Escape more sensible. Next we had to think about my wife driving out to East Stroudsburg to see her sister. She would have to stop along the way and charge for about a half hour, then once she got there she would have to have the car charge overnight somewhere for her trip home plus once again stopping along the way for a half hour. Finally we found out that during the winter months while the car was sitting outside at her work she would lose up to 15% of its charge. With the Escape we are extremely help with winter mpg average of 40 mpg and summer mpg of 44.
  8. The amount of oil this pipeline would of transported a day would/does take 3,109 trucks a day to transport... how much pollution would it of prevented by eliminating those trucks?
  9. Here is a bit more research as well.... https://www.rigzone.com/news/what_was_the_usa_oil_and_gas_average_wage_in_2021-16-feb-2022-167943-article/ Sure oil people may make money, but they also pay their employees quite well!
  10. Hmmmm talk about cherry picking… this is from 2014!
  11. https://www.forbes.com/forbes-400/
  12. Well excuse me for being BELLIGERENT.... Name one politician that isn't taking money for votes in the House or the Senate! BTW.. if I was starting a fight you would know it!
  13. My grandfather worked in those mines... way back in he day...
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