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  1. So when will we see charges against the Democrat Senators and House members that called for protests and such at the Judge's houses that go against abortion? Believe this one person had more weapons that all the weapons total found on Jan. 6! If you are a Democrat you should be embarrassed of yourself... the only way the Dems can get their way is violence and intimidation!
  2. Lots of heavy trucks from PSP flew past the shop earlier... as well as PSP suvs.
  3. IMO.. he wants to drain the reserves to make the prices even climb more in the long run. Where are the Biden cheerleaders that were on this board before and shortly after the election? Hope they are really proud of themselves!
  4. Early last year we had thought about a Mach-E, it was $56k. We also looked at a Ford Escape Hybrid, it was $32k after rebate. The gas prices at that time had the cost of going 250 miles at roughly $5 more than the Mach-E, so with that it made the Escape more sensible. Next we had to think about my wife driving out to East Stroudsburg to see her sister. She would have to stop along the way and charge for about a half hour, then once she got there she would have to have the car charge overnight somewhere for her trip home plus once again stopping along the way for a half hour. Finally we found out that during the winter months while the car was sitting outside at her work she would lose up to 15% of its charge. With the Escape we are extremely help with winter mpg average of 40 mpg and summer mpg of 44.
  5. The amount of oil this pipeline would of transported a day would/does take 3,109 trucks a day to transport... how much pollution would it of prevented by eliminating those trucks?
  6. Here is a bit more research as well.... https://www.rigzone.com/news/what_was_the_usa_oil_and_gas_average_wage_in_2021-16-feb-2022-167943-article/ Sure oil people may make money, but they also pay their employees quite well!
  7. Hmmmm talk about cherry picking… this is from 2014!
  8. https://www.forbes.com/forbes-400/
  9. Well excuse me for being BELLIGERENT.... Name one politician that isn't taking money for votes in the House or the Senate! BTW.. if I was starting a fight you would know it!
  10. My grandfather worked in those mines... way back in he day...
  11. Oh lets not forget how deep the Biden family is with Russian oil.....
  12. And what is your point? Since your hero Joe Biden has taken office EVERYTHING has not only raised a little... it has raised a LOT! Gas and oil started to go up as soon as he shutdown the pipeline and halted drilling in areas in the US. At the same time he gave his blessing to the Russia pipeline! Anyone with half a brain can tell you the cost of transporting items is a big reason why the costs of everything has gone up. Lets also not forget about borders that he has wide open, or wanting to give the iranians their nukes back, or not being able to fix our cargo ship issues... hell name me one thing that he has fixed, JUST ONE!
  13. We also have a home internet kit setup at the shop if you would like to bring your tablet or laptop in to try it.
  14. No caps… we have had all good reviews of the service as well.
  15. It is through their cell towers. T-Mobile will only let so many users in an area so that the speeds are maintained.
  16. T-Mobile Home Internet is something we just started carrying at BMP Systems and the testing I have done shows speeds between 90 to 100 Mbps. The cost is $50 a monh and that includes your modem and taxes/fees, there is no setup charges either.
  17. There either will be nothing done or they are going to create a fall guy. Even though it was clear to everyones eyes years ago that the FBI was involved in this and the DNC (not just Hillary)! If there is one thing we have learned about the DNC over the years it is that they all walk in lock step, so I would say this whole thing was planned by the DNC and carried out by their police arm the FBI... I have said it many times, but the DNC is just like the nazi's of 1930's Germany!
  18. Or our great government so there is no proof of death, just taking their word for it.
  19. Notice that they are reporting he blew himself up! Good way to not have to show or prove they actually killed him.
  20. To get the pricing give Curtis a call and he can figure that all out for you. T-Mobile does not have TV service... but I know we can do the phones and internet.
  21. The T-Mobile home internet does work off the cell towers. We got a home internet here at the shop we are testing and so far it averages about 90mbps which is really good for $50 a month.
  22. Thank you! We have been in remodeling mode getting this new addition to fit in. Will be doing a big push once we are fully ready to rock and roll.
  23. Oh I agree... IMO it is karma playing a visit to their La La land.
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