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  1. To be clear are you talking about Biden or watoos?
  2. Business needs to come to the area to support the population and provide good jobs. The township has the land to make that happen, but there needs to be cooperation between the city and township since the city controls the water/sewage. Consolidation is not going to make everything change over night, but IMO it is going to put us on a better path to a improved economic situation in the long run. Time for the bad blood to get put behind us and start working together to make our entire community better.
  3. Jeff

    Murrays Ford

    Also going to add that buying local helps provide local jobs. I always do my math on what my trade in should give me and what I should pay for the vehicle I am buying... for the past 10 years Murray's has always come in under what I expected.
  4. These people were taking up 4 tables and the restaurant had to turn away customers. Also these people had pitchers of water at their tables. But whatever… to me it is ignorant! Might add that these people left about 5 minutes before we did…. And they were finished eating when we got there!
  5. So we are out to eat tonight and can’t help but notice that a group of people taking up numerous tables are done eating but instead of paying their bill and leaving just sit there . All the while people are being turned away because there is no tables. Mind you the person telling the people there is no tables is within feet of these people. They just sit on their phones and BS! We have been watching this since we sat down 15 minutes ago!
  6. Now I read an article that critical race theory is reaching into the higher ups of the military! People need to wake up quickly or they are going to be in for a big surprise. It was bad enough to have to deal with politics among the politicians, then politics made it's way into the judicial system (which is scary and can be witnessed daily)... but for it to make its way into the military that is supposed to protect US citizens is down right horrifying!
  7. As that is how it should be... these kids made the all-star team which is a great in THEIR life and deserve to be congratulated by EVERYONE.
  8. And how names did we hear the left call Trump and his supporters over 4 years? The left is only being treated as they treat others!
  9. Only going now because Trump is going to the border on the 30th. Bet she will be like a blind person and see nothing wrong. Also a good bet the loyal propaganda networks either will not coverage or the location they choose to cover is not a issue.
  10. Anyone that worked manufacturing back in the late 80's early 90's can attest to automation being brought in as wages kept increasing. The higher the wage the more cost efficient buying equipment becomes, along with increased costs of providing health insurance and other benefits not to mention the increase in Social Security and Medicare that the employer gets.
  11. If and when it becomes available they can have it here at my shop to have people to stop and sign it if that is allowed.
  12. Is there a petition started? And if so where do you go to sign it?
  13. Try plugging the mouse into another USB port if it is a USB mouse.
  14. I will look into this for you. Never heard of it, but there is a first time for everything.
  15. Wow, no Trump did this or that because there is no way to blame trump for any of this crap now. The blame falls directly on the Democrats and the brain dead voters that vote for them.
  16. Another problem government faces is there is no one size fits all minimum wage. Pittsburgh's cost of living is much higher than here in Du Bois as a example, so what area should you base minimum wage on? As was stated early in thread, minimum wage is for minimum skilled positions. And another item people need to get through their head is if your current employer is not paying you enough then look for another job that pays what you want to make. Employment is no different than paying something, it is between two parties agreeing on how much one party is willing to pay to the other party for ser
  17. I personally know one person here locally that told me they only worked one day a week at a small locally owned restaurant and made $200 or more that one day in tips.
  18. Remember what emperor wolf said when asked about employee's refusing to come back to work because they were making more on unemployment.... maybe the employer's need to pay more. Really nice to say about a industry that you extremely penalized for almost a year and bankrupted a lot of, now when they are finally getting back on their feet you make a comment like that! And he was a supposed businessman? IF he truly was then he would of never made a comment like that. IMO once again it is the nazi machine we know as the DNC at work and have all their members following a playbook.
  19. Wow where is the Democrats that voted for this at? Aren't you a proud group? All of you were calling for the impeachment of Trump over his supposed calls for violence, but now one of your own calls for people to confrontation and not a beep... what a proud group you are!
  20. So people act surprised when the people who write tax laws find the loopholes.... Just like a crook knowing how to break into somewhere that the crook setup the security. Don't worry the loyal liberals will be on sticking up for THEIR president.... while when Trump was president they complained that he never paid enough taxes.
  21. Here is a did you know.... the MLB is moving partly because of the voting ID requirement but yet the MLB requires a ID to pick up will call tickets!
  22. If anyone has electronics to scrap we do accept that here at BMP Systems... only thing we are not taking at this time is the old tube style TV's.
  23. Told my wife the same thing. If that was me that fired people for pot usage but did not fire say the manager the labor relations board would be all over me.
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