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  1. No shortage in Canada. Why do we have one? Are you awake yet?
  2. The men’s shoes are 1930’s shoes with the white on them.
  3. Is it the street between the two blocks with Shenkles Pharmacy and Franks pizza? 1951
  4. I wish I knew if the one on 310 between Reynoldsville and Punxsutawney was open already or if it’s this Saturday.
  5. And overpaid…
  6. Road to the back gate is closed. Front gate is being monitored.
  7. I read that it would take an amazing amount of radiation to put Jesus’ face on his shroud. Enough to resurrect Him.
  8. Those poor people on the upper floors of those big houses are going to fry this summer with no shade.
  9. From the looks of that headboard he didn’t stand a chance.
  10. Listen to what Mr. Harari says about mind control by injecting something under the skin!
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