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  1. Keep the faith Bon, we're all praying as hard as we can for all of you.
  2. Continued prayers Bon. Let Brandy and her hubby know we are with them in spirit. My granddaughter talks to me about them quite often. She worries about all of the challenges they and Faith have and are continuing to face.
  3. This entire paragraph raises many questions for me. If residents/patients who were positive prior to admission by directives of the government, are those the only people dying in these facilities from the virus? If not, how did it spread from locked down units to the general population? Why didn't the nursing personnel and other staff have sufficient PPE? What do they use during cold and flu season to keep residents from becoming infected? For profit businesses who fail in their jobs to protect their clients isn't doing their job. Shouldn't the management and ownership of these facilities know enough to stock PPE items and equipment, in adequate amounts to meet any need? Why is it suddenly the job of government to cover for a business that didn't do the job it is expected to do? I could go on, but why bother? Those who expect someone else to be responsible for their safety will never understand.
  4. I saw two or three in yesterday's Courier. None attributed to corona virus though.
  5. Quarter midget racing in our area began on a track that was to the left of the entrance gate at the drive-in theater on 322 south of town. That track was dirt surface. From there the racing moved to Falls Creek, across from the Eagles Club where the current Miller Brothers operation sits. That track was paved. When the FBC store was built on that property the racing moved to a track behind the old fairgrounds dirt track that was a little further back into the woods. I'm fairly certain that track was also paved. It may have been built on the site of a small dirt track that was used for go kart racing before the quarter midgets moved there. At that point I was more involved in racing stock cars and lost track of the smaller car activities, so my memories are not very pertinent from that point forward. This racing began at the Drive-In around the1958-1960 time frame and continued into the 1980's if my memories are completely correct, possibly even longer.
  6. You might also find some photos of when that track was cut down to 1/4 mile and used for auto racing. I believe the time frame for that was late '50's to mid '60's. That use was stopped, according to stories of the day, by complaints about dust and noise by the Maple Avenue Hospital. During that time frame there were still some people who trained and boarded their horses in the stables there. I believe the stables were under the grandstands, but old memories can't always be trusted. It may have been a separate building too.
  7. Thanks for the update Bon. I'm beyond words and wiping tears away. Keeping the FAITH.
  8. When we connect stories to the area of the Boy Scout Camp during that time frame (probably any time frame) I would take all of them with a big grain of salt. In my experience as a Scout during the late 50's and early 60's I recall many stories of things in the woods that would be designed to scare the unsuspecting campers. I'm pretty sure there were never mountain lion or bear attacks, etc. I would believe the tales told around the campfires at night were more designed to keep the curious campers from straying away into the night creating mischief as kids are inclined to do. Keeping things in context and understanding the time frame we have to believe that young people of that era and from our area were not big travelers. Most had not been more than 50 miles from their homes and had seen very little of the world outside their local area, An area that might be quite small, certainly by today's standards. I respect the feelings some people get that they attribute to spirits. I have felt things that I will say are similar when visiting places like the Vietnam Wall in DC, and the Murra building in Oklahoma City. When you get a knot the size of a football in your stomach and the hair on your arms and the back of your neck just tingles, it gets your attention. I can't say I've experienced anything remotely close to that anywhere else. It begs the eternal question, do spirits or ghosts exist? I don't know, but if they do I wish I knew how to communicate with a few. I would love to have conversations with my Dad, my Son and my Sister. There may be a lot to learn from them. If nothing else I may be able to know about the afterlife while there is still time to change my evil ways.
  9. Before McDonald's, the Mr. Donut building housed our first fast food enterprise, Winky's. Where the McDonald's building was an in ground trampoline business operated where folks could pay to jump up and down by the hour. The Hitching Post didn't exist until the Army Reserve center moved their headquarters over to their last site off of Maple Avenue. The face of DuBois has changed a lot over the years, yet much remains the same.
  10. Over the years the cruising loop got shortened a lot. In the early 60's we traveled Long Ave, Brady St/Boulevard/B-Line and back again. One end was at Bailey's with the other at the rear of the old train station on Franklin St, now the Cherry Law offices. Far fewer traffic lights to contend with in those days. I'm not sure there was a traffic light from one end of the Boulevard to the other. The drag races across there were interesting as well as those from Bailey's going either direction. The interstate was just being built so the traffic on 255 was much lighter in those days. Different times, maybe not all for the better. Apologies for the digression from the original topic and the trip down memory lane.
  11. I graduated in 1965 and have no memory of it being called anything but Mansell Stadium.
  12. I never heard of Pancoast being over toward Wayne Road. I lived in a house on the corner of the crossroad of Rt. 950 and Pancoast Road about 65-68 years ago that is no longer there, and recall Pancoast being along 950 only. I'll have to go back a lot further in history to see if there were any houses between 950 and Wayne Road since I don't recall any ever being there. There were a few the other direction, toward the Smithtown Road and some have been built in that area since. There are a number of houses that have been built on the back side of the old Fred Smith farm in the last 20 years or so that are accessed off of that road also.
  13. It would be hard to pay for entertainment like you found here.
  14. Makes me wonder if they aren't missing an opportunity to do a joint venture or even a stand alone landfill which accepts other materials on a for profit basis?
  15. Are they building landfills like yours and Greentree, or ones to handle just the fly ash?
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